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Android Devices have always been known for their unconventional lock screens which are more unique and better than any Apple product’s lock screen but as we all are well aware one cannot lock or unlock the screen of any gadget without using any button. One has to physically access the power button and then lock the device which is no different or inconvenient but in my case things were different. I broke the power button of my android device twice in the past as I used it too much and now I m always very cautious when using it which I am sure is also a problem with many of the readers out there.

To my surprise I discovered a wonderful app on the android market which lets me lock my android device just by giving a shake, eventually making me use the lock button less and more wisely. Known as Shake Screen Off, the app is available for free and allows you to enable the lock when you shake it but does not feature unlocking.


Download the app, install it and on the main screen you have to first activate the app before you start using it. Press the activate button on the first screen and then on the second enter the required details and press continue.


The next screen has On and Off buttons to activate or deactivate the app and has a configuration section.


Press the On button so that it goes grey and enter the configuration section to get your hands on the additional options. Here we have the Sensibility, Boot and Notification Icon section. With the Boot option checked the app starts every time the phone boots.  The notification icon for the app can also be enabled so that you are aware that the same is running in background.


Finally we have the Sensibility where you can increase or decrease the sensitivity for the shake.


App Requirements: Compatible with Android devices. Requires android 1.1 and up.

Conclusion: Really sensible effort from from developers but I wish I could also unlock my phone using the app

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

[ This app comes for iPhone – No, For Jailbroken iDevices Search iShakeLock On Cydia ]

One reply on “Lock Android Phone By Shaking”

This app sucks. If you turn the sensibility one number too high, you end up stuck out of your phone. Now I can’t even get rid of the app because I can’t turn my phone on long enough to put in my damn password.

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