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Freeze Nexus 7 Tablet Display In Portrait Mode or Landscape Mode

Its been a week since, I am using Nexus 7 android tablet, its really nice, light weight tablet which comes in a great form factor display. Recently I updated it to android 4.1.2 which has added a new feature of rotation of icons when hold the tablet in landscape mode or back to portrait mode when you hold it vertically.


As a user this feature was quite useful some times but it was also annoying at some times, so I started finding out how can one disable this feature. I got to know that one can freeze the display on Nexus 7 both in portrait mode and in landscape by taping the little toggle which shows up the notifications drawer panel.

Toggle Rotation on Nexus 7 Tablet

Just drag the notification toggle and then tap the little tablet icon on the top of the notification panel to freeze the display in the orientation you are holding it either vertical or horizontal.


This is how you can stop nexus 7 tablet from rotation in both portrait mode and landscape mode.


Additional Tip:

You can also install Rotation Locker from Google Play – it’s free. After you do, you can launch the app and tap Landscape to force the home screen and all other apps into landscape mode.

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