Lower Screen Brightness Level Automatically On Android Phone And Save Battery Power

Android devices have a not so impressive battery backup and recent OS versions disappoint you even more. Some of the ways to increase your battery life are killing background tasks, keep Wi-Fi and GPS off when not in use and most importantly to keep the brightness of your android device’s screen at the lowest level.

The third tweak is the best one as during night one does not need much brighter screen but the lowest brightness level in the stock screen brightness feature is still high enough to drain your battery soon. So now we have come up with a new app which applies a tint to your android device screen which is even dimmer than the stock feature and helps you save a lot of battery.

Download and install the app from android market and when you open it for the first time you will be directed to the settings screen. Here you will see a slider along with an edit button and enable screen filter button. Through the slider you can set the screen dimming percentage and i recommend you not to set it below 35 %.


If you are not finding it easy to set the percentage by the slider, press the edit button and enter the percentage manually.


The app also has a dedicated widget which you can put on your main screen. remember the widget is like a toggle to enable or disable the screen dimming feature.


I had set the percentage at 48.6 % and then added a widget on the screen and when i pressed it, the app gets enabled and lowers the brightness by another 48.6 %. Tap again on the widget and it will bring the original screen brightness back.


The app can also be enabled or disabled from the notification bar as when it is enabled an icon is displayed in the notification bar at the top. And if you want to change the brightness percentage then open the app from the app drawer.

Important Note: As per the developer if you set the brightness too low and enable it, your screen will go black and in such case you will have to uninstall the app and then reinstall it. Interestingly the same thing happened with me and as i was not even able to see settings option so that i can uninstall it, the developer’s suggestion was of no help.

Instead here you can try restarting your phone and hopefully the app will get disabled automatically.

App Requirements: Requires Android 1.6 & Up

Conclusion: The app is nice and does help you save battery but i wish it had more features.

Our Rating: 4/5| Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install The App

[ This app comes for iPhone – No ]

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