Universal Email Client For iPhone [ App Review]

If you are using GMail for your personal mails and you have Microsoft Exchange Mailbox for their professional then they will have to keep GMail official application and the iOS Default Mail client under use all the time for different inbox mentioned above. The only problem with the default iOS Mail client is that you cannot read the unread chats on the GMail account which were sent in your absence. But today we will talk about an application which has not been released yet but they claim to provide the users with a single e-mail client application which will help the users to read the mails from their Microsoft Exchange inbox and the chats from the GMail inbox.


Initially Sparrow came as a better email client which ensured the mails exchange should be faster as compared to the default iOS application and that is the reason it got popular among the users but then it was not possible for the users to configure their Exchange inbox in it. This application named as MailBox also promises the same, rather assures that it will be much faster.?

One of the best features which makes it interesting is the ‘snoozed e-mail’, sometimes it happens that you cannot reply an e-mail right away and then you let it be an unread mail but whenever you will open your inbox it falls in front of your eyes. The snoozed e-mail feature will take that email away for the time duration specified by you and then once that time period gets over you will see that unread e-mail again and thus it will not keep on bothering you again and again.


Next feature is the representation of the mails, the mail chain will be represented in a form of chat thus making it simpler for the user to keep a track of the replies and transferring the mails from the cloud to your phone in a secure manner. It assures that your inbox will always be very much cleaner and lighter.

Now this is a startup which is releasing this application and so they will be providing this email service for a limited number of users. So you click link to get yourself registered in the waiting list and if you are lucky you will be among the first lot getting the access to this email service.


The best thing about this is the merging of GMail and the official mail with all the features of the mail boxes included in it thus removing the need of checking the multiple mail boxes. I will suggest that at-least you can register and try this application because it is unique as per the description.

By Abhinav Singh

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