Major New Features in iOS Updated Twitter App

So, Twitter got updated for the iOS devices and many new features have been introduced this time, though the major upgrades are only 2 of them. But nothing has changed in the UI of twitter only it is only easier to access the links on the tweets while using your application and the best part is that you can now retweet or reply to the tweet while watching that link on your phone. Let us talk about those 2 major updates.

Now while viewing the timeline on your twitter application you can directly tap the link of any webpage and then the inbuilt browser will open with the URL of that link mentioned at its top and the tweet mention as the popup at the bottom of the page.


In that option you will have the options to retweet, reply, to mark it as favorite and other common options available when you open a tweet on your phone. So, now you will not have to first tap the tweet and then visit the webpage on the other screen. You will not have to come out of the browser to talk about the tweet with your friends.


If you want to remove that tweet popup then just slide it downwards and it will go away from the webpage, at any point of time when you wish to bring that back then slide up the highlighted area in the screenshot.


The auto-complete suggestions for the search query has been improved thus adding more suggestions while writing the search text. You will see that if you had any popular tweet in your timeline then it will also appear in the search results and once you tap any suggestion, then you will be directed to the specific search results corresponding to that suggested search keyword.

Basically these 2 are major upgrades this time in the update of this application, apart from the other are mentioned below.

  • Whenever you will block a user now then all the notifications and entries made in the connect section will go away (something similar to the Facebook notification feature).
  • Traditional Chinese is now supported in this application.
  • Video support has been removed for Mobypicture, Vodpod and Posterous.
  • Refreshing discover section will show a better animation (I didn’t see this coming)
  • Logout support only for iOS6 users.


The access to the links from the timeline of the twitter is a good feature making it really easy for the users to read the tweets in detail and that can be the best reason for you to update this application. You will not see much of the difference working on this app, if you have not been using twitter extensively.

By Abhinav Singh

I am an MBA student and a founder member of NXTInsight. I love to keep the track of smartphones, tablets, wearables and other similar gadgets, so that I could help my readers to make the right decision before buying a gagdet.

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