Mark All Emails As Read on iPhone, iPad In iOS 5 or Later [Cydia Tweak]

It is pretty known that improvements are made over time and it applies to each and every field. Talking specifically about the iPhone, since its launch Apple has added new features to it over the years and with the release of each new firmware, surprises have come for its customers. Today we will tell you how to Mark All Emails As Read on iPhone, iPad in the default email app.

During the evolving phases of the iPhone when 3.x – 4.x firmware were released a number of new features were introduced but at the same many were ignored. One of the most basic and desired feature expected then was marking unread emails as read. Since Apple did not come with any such feature, developers on Cydia addressed the problem and brought interesting tweaks that let you mark unread emails as read.

As of today, most of the users have upgraded to iOS 5 which already comes with the abovementioned feature by default and in this post we would explain you how to do so.

Step 1 : Select the inbox in which you wish to mark the emails. If you need to do this across multiple accounts, select all the inboxes.

Step 2 : Enter the Inbox and press the Edit button present towards the right top corner of the screen.

Step 3 : After entering the Edit mode, select the emails you wish to mark as read.

Step 4 : Once selected, look for the Mark button present at the bottom right corner of the screen.

Step 5 : Tap Mark and now select Mark as Read (See screenshot below)

Mark All Emails As Read on iPhone, iPad

This isn’t the greatest tip one would have wished for but if one doesn’t know about it, it could make your day.

Although many users are now running iOS 5, there would still be a handful of users who are on iOS 4.x. For them the above feature is not available but two important tweaks, available for free on Cydia, could do the job.

Mark Read : One of the most widely accepted tweak on Cydia store. It is for free so you can download it immediately.


PopMark : After Mark Read, PopMark is the next most popular tweak for marking unread emails as read Do try it.


Rating : 5/5 |Price : Free | App Requirements : iOS 3.x to 4.x

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