Mark Chat Thread as Unread in iPhone Facebook Messenger

Facebook messenger is little complicated as it offers lots of restriction when compared with the desktop version of Facebook messaging. One of the biggest problem in the Facebook messenger OS application is the unavailability of the deleting feature. You cannot delete any chat thread on the application and moreover the options like archiving the whole chat thread or marking it as unread are also in the application. In this post we will mention a method with the help of which you will be able to mark any message as unread.

Open the Facebook messenger application and then locate the chat which you want to mark as Unread. Now tap and hold the chat, unless you see 2 options as mentioned below in the screenshot. Now select the option of marking it as Unread and if the selected chat is already unread then you will see only one option instead of these two which will be ‘Archive Thread’.


That’s it the conversation will be marked as Unread and now if you want to do the same thing when you are using the Facebook main application rather than the Messenger application then follow the same steps as mentioned above.

Bonus Tip

As you can see that you do not have the provision to delete any chat from the messenger application or the main Facebook application. So, I will suggest you to use the same steps mentioned above and then hide those chats from the main screen by archiving them and then when you are using the desktop version then you can delete them in future.


The method mentioned above is difficult to unravel in the Facebook application as you cannot see them with the other options of muting the notifications. We will also try to find the way of deleting the single messages available in the chat thread and we will keep you updated on the same.

By Abhinav Singh

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