Measure Level And Slope With Great Accuracy With iPhone

Clinometer also known as inclinometer is a device used to find out the angle of slope of an object and the inclination with respect to a platform and gravity. One can surely measure the slopes and elevations using a dedicated instrument but what if your iPhone does the same for you?

An app named as Clinometer – Level and Slope finder is there on the app store and works the same way as a real inclinometer would do. It can be used to measure uneven surfaces and therefore level them, measure slopes of objects and a number of other things.


Making you familiar with the interface, it comes with a couple of buttons. Firstly we have the S/C button at the bottom which could be used to instantly switch between different colour themes.


Then we have the next button 0.0 written on it. This is used to change the units such as degrees or percentage of the measured quantity. Also it could be used to add or remove the decimal point in case you want the reading to be as accurate as possible.


As seen on the dial we have a pair of 0 degree and 90 degree and also four 45 degree marks. This means that the app could be used for four way calibration. Another cool feature is where you can rotate the dial by 90 degrees each time you press the small arrow button,just above the i button, at the right bottom corner.


You must be wondering why a small lock button is provided just below the dial, on the left hand side. This is a lock feature with which you can attain a much better reading while measuring angles. Just press the lock button and it will start flashing red and the hold your device at a particular angle. If your hand is stable, the app waits for two consecutive seconds after which the dial becomes still and you get an accurate angle.


You have seen how to measure inclinations and now you will learn how to know whether a surface is leveled or not. Instead of holding your device in vertical position, tilt it horizontally so that the bubble interface appears. Now you can use the bubble to start measuring angles and further work on them.


For calibration as per your requirement, press the calibrate button  at the bottom.


To toggle full screen mode so that dial or bubble is more clearly visible. press the tiny triangle shaped arrow pointing upwards, the glowing one right above the top of the dial.


The image below will show you how the full screen view looks like.


Lastly we have the settings under which you can enable or disable features like fast approximation, beep on lock, motion sensitive lock, set the tolerances between 0.1 to 1 degree. You can also change the theme of the dial.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1 or later

Conclusion: The app is great and works with great accuracy when it comes to measuring angles. Hope you will like it too

Our Rating: 4 | Price: $0.99 | Visit Apple Store Link To Install Clinometer – level and slope finder

[ This App Comes For Android – Yes, Click this link to download it ]

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