[Solved] Fix Cannot Open and Send Messages on iPhone Using Messages App

For all the users who have been facing problems while using Message on iPhone will find this post pretty helpful, we came across many users reporting that their SMS or Message app started crashing after sometime. Now for this problem there can be many reasons, one of them is that receiving any corrupt message which might have bugged that application or if you have ‘jailbroken’ you iPhone then that particular application might have put that bug on your Message. When you will try to open that application then it will open and then close again within a fraction of second navigating you back to the Main Menu page.

Some user also reported that they were not able to see ‘SEND’ button on their Message section. Another common problem reported by the users that they were not able to send SMS to a particular number in their contact list. So we will solving all the problems for you further in this post, the solutions might work and might not, but is sure that these solutions have worked for many of the users before.

SMS Application Gets Crashed

The video of this problem has been mentioned below in the video.

Message getting crashed

Before proceeding further with this problem let me tell you that after performing this solution YOU WILL LOSE ALL THE MESSAGES ON YOUR iPhone. For this, you will have to navigate through the folders of iPhone with the applications like iPhone explorer or iPhone browser or any other app. Foloow the steps mentioned below:

  • Reach out to this folder destination: var\mobile\library\sms.
  • You will see a file named sms.db, delete that file.
  • Then restart your iPhone

I am pretty sure that your Message application will not crash anymore or you can go for another solution which is upgrading the OS (if newer version is available with its jailbreak).

Send Button Not Enabled

This is not a bug actually I have seen this problem reported by user on many of the forums and the solution to all of them is the same. Generally in the other phones apart from iPhone there are 2 sections of a Message. First section is for the names of the receivers and the other section is to write an SMS. Whereas when it comes to your iPhone, then you will have three sections (if multimedia message has been enabled).



Two sections are common as mentioned before, the third section is for the subject line of the message which falls in between the 2 sections mentioned above. Most of the time newbies type their text in the subject line rather than the text box mentioned below that. Send button will never get enabled until and unless ‘To’ field and ‘Text box’ field are empty. It will definitely get enabled when you will type your text in the bottom-most section of the text message.

SMS not being sent to a particular contact

Whenever you save a contact number on your phone, it will be saved in three parts. First will the country code, second part will be area code and then third will be your number. If you are not able to send a message to a particular contact then you can delete the area code and then it might start working. Through this kinds problem is seldom but then this solution has helped in many cases. Please let us know if you have any other problem related to messages, please leave a comment at the end of this section.

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