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[MightyText] Place Calls, Send, Receive Text messages on your PC [Android]

Few years back it seemed like a distorted illusion. As in you are sitting at your desk and your phone rings and you could answer that from your computer itself. Or a message arrives and you could read and reply from your computer itself.


Well not anymore. You can do that by installing a simple (and free of course) application on Android called MightyText and answer your calls or read/reply your messages from any browser.

Okay, it works like this. You install the android app on your phone, connect it with your google account and leave your phone aside.

Now visit this link on your computer, and authenticate it with the same gmail account you did on your phone. Few moments (30 seconds to be exact) later you will be presented a screen on the web browser where you can access your contact list (yes With contact pictures), your smses, battery information and many other things.


MightyText also has a chrome extension which does not more than popping up notifications and redirecting you to the mightytext web interface. When your phone rings, or even sms arrives, instant notification should appear on your phone. The web interface of MightyText records the call logs which includes missed calls, incoming calls and outgoing calls so you can check back any unknown number some time later only from web. The updated version of MightyText even allows you to Sync or take back ups of your Photos and videos from your phone.

One thing more: You can use MightyText to store your TextMessages. You can take a backup of messages and store it on the MightyText servers and next time even if you delete it from your phone, you might get it back at web.

Download MightyText (free) from Google Play Store

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