Mobikwik Wallet- Easy Recharge Option [App Review]

You must be wondering there are already several apps that lie in the same field and do absolutely the same things then why suddenly the MobiKwik app review? Well we have your back and it will be clear in the following paragraphs.

Mobikwik Wallet


First thing you notice about the Mobikwik android app is its light weight. So obviously there is lesser burden on your phone CPU. But this not the tempting thing. Right? With Mobikwik what you can do is you can park your money on the Mobikwik wallet, which will save you from hopping between merchant and payment gateways and banks. So next time you are going recharge or pay bills, you can complete your transaction quickly and hassle free with out leaving out of the app.

The CashPay Feature

Apart from supporting wide range of credit and debit cards and now net banking you can use the CashPay feature of the Mobikwik application. CashPay feature allows you to pay at your door step and then recharge or pay bills.

No Social Integration

One thing that you might not feel good about it is that before performing any activity it prompts you to register (of course if you have not done it already) and it is not socially integrated. So you cannot sign in with twitter or Facebook and get going. Once signed up for recharge you can either enter the numbers manually or choose from the contacts too.

Mobikwik Offers


The Mobikwik wallet comes with some exclusive offers. These offers range from Gifts, Movies, Dress Ups and even E-Bay offers. One example offer at the time of writing this post was to get 10% discount on purchase of movie tickets through BookMyShow at the price of just Rs 5.

Customer Support

The app allows you to access and view your transaction history right in the application. Once the app is synced you can view it even in the offline mode. In case something unfortunate happens i.e unsuccessful transaction, you can contact customer support right from the app. Go to My Account and simply hit, Help.


The cleaner and compact interface helps Mobikwik to stand out from the crowd of several other apps of the same arena. I am using Mobikwik since its improved version (3.1) launched and i am yet to face any issues. For its lighter size, improved User Interface and other really useful feature, i place it in the “give it a shot” app category.

By Kamal Nayan

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