Modify, Add Preset Effects On Camera Pictures On Android Phone

When it comes to apps that let us add cool effects to our pictures, there are many options but according to me, today’s app is the best one so far. Magic Hour Free is the latest app to add cool effects to your shots at the time you take it and one can also perform some nice filtering over those freshly clicked pictures.


Before I start with the app let me tell you that it is a free version of the app, so features like the Photo Album and a few others are not available on it and if you find the app really interesting, then you can buy the paid one from Android Market. The main screen has five buttons, the Take Photo, Photo Album, Manage Filters, the settings button on the right side in the middle and the Filter Market Go button at the bottom.

Starting with the settings first, we have options like take photo at the time the app starts, enabling guides, saving location, saving directory path, image size, and sharing options for twitter, facebook and a few other websites.


Press the take photo button and after making changes to focus and flash options, you take a picture. The moment you do it, the app will take you to the favorites page with all the 40 awesome filters waiting to be added to your picture. You can scroll through all the filters and add any of your choice. Interestingly you can also create your own filter by hitting Make Your Own Filter button at the bottom. In my case I went with the latter and created my own filter and the option lets you do literally anything with your photo.


As I hit the make your own filter button, I was taken to another screen where there are some nice modifications which you can adopt. On the top you have the back button undo button and the Black and White, button which changes a coloured image to black and white. At the bottom, the Curves option lets you change the overall contrast and brightness of the photo. Through Adjust you can manually change the contrast, brightness and saturation of the picture.


Through the Vignette option you can add a blur effect to the surroundings and can also increase or decrease the intensity of the effect by moving the slider. You also get a number of blur shapes to add.


Via Texture option, as the word says a texture could be added to the photo and once again you can change the intensity and choose from a number of textures.


From the last Frames button, some nice photo frames can be applied.


Once you are done adding the effects, hit done and option for saving the filter, sharing the photo and saving will appear on the screen. You can also go back to the original photo by hitting the Original button with a reverse arrow.


So as far as taking pictures and adding filters are concerned, I have explained you each bit. Now let us come to the management part by hitting the Manage Filters button from the main screen. Here you have a number of sections like Favorites, Presets, My FIlters and Download. Favorite keeps all the 40 preset filtes in the list so that you can add any but if you want only a selected number, you can delete filters by simply tapping on them.


The preset is the list will all the 40 filters which can be added or removed from the favorites list by tapping on the star next to them.


My filters contains the filters that you create and save when you edit pictures on your own. The Download section contains all the downloaded filters which could be downloaded from the Filter Market option, present on the main screen or you can tap on the drop down button next to the Manage Filters button present in the middle at the top, and the select Filter market.


App Requirements: Compatible with Android deices. Requires android 2.1 & Up

Conclusion: It certainly does wonder to the pictures you take and it’s a must one.

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install Magic Hour Free

[ This App Comes For iPhone – Yes, Visit Apple Store Link To Download ]

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