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Get Moto X- Style Lock Screen Notification On Any Android (4.0+)

Moto X is the latest and first flagship product of the Motorola ever since the Google acquired the company last year. The customisation feature of the phone is making waves all around. Apart from this the phone also packs some nifty features. Par example Active Display Technology . Its the innovative way to display notifications in the phone when its locked in which only the required pixels are illuminated do display the notifications hence resulting in better battery life.


However if you want to get the Active Display Technology on your screen you need not to wait (or buy) the Moto X. In place you can install a simple app called ActiveNotifications which supports all Android phones above 4.0. Once installed it will allow you to receive important notifications when your screen is off resulting in a black and white kind of minimalistic notification. When you tap the icon appeared on the lock screen it shows additional information about that notification. Depending on that you can choose to unlock the device to take appropriate actions or choose to ignore it for later.


ActiveNotification also allows you to choose among the apps whose notifications you want to receive. Simply deselect the apps you think are not as important to receive their notifications on the screen. You also have the feature to determine the screen timeout time. Usually the notifications will disappear after the time out duration set in the normal settings.


ActiveNotification is available in two versions. The pro has got some more feature a la you can hide notification details on the lock screen. Right now when you receive notification additional details like sender/caller appears. Also you can make it sleep at night, which means the ActiveNotification is will stop at night resulting additional battery savings.

There is not really anything negative about the ActiveNotification but at one point of time it was using the maximum RAM (212 MB) in my smartphone. The app is for the curious ones who just can’t wait (or afford. Pardon me!) for the all new Moto X features.

ActiveNotifications (Free) | Play Store

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