Multiple Account Configuration in Google Hangout [iPhone]

As to the likes of Android version of Hangout, you can also maintain multiple account in the Hangout available for iOS. Hangout is nothing but a smart mix of Google Talk with Video chat feature of Google Plus and users usually maintain multiple account for the users at their workplace and the users who are their friends and family. For that you will have to give Hangout the access to your account by logging into it from the application itself. For that please follow the steps mentioned below.

Signing In Multiple Account

Open the application and then click the Gear shaped icon to reach out to its settings section. Now from there tap the option named as ‘Add Account’.


Now there you will have to enter the email address and then password to login your another Google Account.


This way you will be able to keep multiple accounts on the Hangout and you can switch among them by toolbar available at the top of the screen which will convert into a dropdown menu, listing all the accounts which are logged in here. You can follow the same steps while configuring multiple account on Hangout for Android. Please let us know if you face any problem while following this tip.

By Abhinav Singh

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