Use More Than One Apple ID On iPhone, iPad

Recently I went to my brother’s place and while I was playing around on his iPhone, I came across an interesting application. I liked it so much that I immediately took my iPhone out of the pocket, opened the App Store, searched the app and downloaded it.

It was as simple as you can think of. But this method was convenient for only a single app and not for a group of apps. You would never want to search each and every app on the app store and then download it. You must know that all the apps that you download from the store are listed in your purchases and each list is exclusive to one Apple ID. So if you friend downloads a couple of apps which you also want to have on your iPhone, a very convenient method for doing so is logging in the store using your friend’s Apple ID.

Many of you do know how to sign out from the existing Apple account and sign in using another but for those who are still confused about the same, we are here to help you.

A very important note is that you could use any number of Apple accounts on one device, obviously one at a time, or one Apple ID on multiple devices but you should not use the same account for iCloud syncing. Using the same iCloud account, even accidently, could result in merged contacts, notes etc. As advised, in case you are having more than one device to share the App Store purchases between, set up the devices using separate Apple IDs and configure the iCloud account using the same.

Now to sign out from the existing id and log in using a different id to transfer applications, follow the procedure given below:

  • Go to settings and scroll down to the option, STORE.


  • Tap on STORE and on the next page you will see the Apple ID you are currently signed in with. The layout here is different and there is no SIGN OUT button probably because I am still on iOS 5.0.1. In your case you could see a red SIGN OUT button just below the Apple ID, so all you have to do is tap on it.


  • If your Apple ID page looks like mine, tap on the ID and select Sign Out. Once you have signed out, a SIGN IN button will appear with which you can sign in using the desired Apple ID.


I hope the post was helpful enough and now you would definitely be able to transfer your purchases from one device to another with ease.

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