Mute or Turn Off Whatsapp Group Chat Notifications Sounds For a Specfic Group

On whats app many time it could happen that you are busy and your friends are in a mood to disturb you. When you are a participant of a group chat people might be chatting at the time when you don’t want to be disturbed. So for such case whats app provides you an option for Iphone user to Customize there notification and turn off the notification for a particular group or for the entire Whats app chatting notification.
Today we will help to Turn off Notification for a particular group or for the whats app chat.

Turn Off the Notification for all the Whats app Chat

When you don’t want to be disturb by all the whats app’s chat messages just go to the setting tab of the Whats app as highlighted in the below screen shot and you will find the option “Notification”


Just select the option “Notification” tab and you will directed to the screen shown in the below screen shot.
Here you can see the option to off the alert for the Message notification only for Group Message as well as for all the New message alert notification you were getting. To off the Alerts only for the Group Notification go on the Alert option under Group notification and turn the Alert “OFF”. and when you want to off the alerts for all the new message alerts set the Alerts tab “OFF” under Message Notification


Turn OFF the Notification for Specific Group

when you feel you are getting disturb by a particular group or when you want to Turn off the Alerts for a specific group you can do it in Iphone just by a floowing very few simple steps.

Go to the chat option and go into the group chat window for which you want to turn of the notification. Once you go into the chat screen you will find an option “info” on your right hand top most corner as highlighted in the below screenshot.


Once you go to the “Info” tab you could find the detail information of the group with some option using with you can change the setting of the chat options.
To customize your notification setting go to the “Custom Notification” tab as highlighted in the screenshot below.


Once you go to the “Custom Notification” tab you can just turn Off the option for the Notification to turn the alerts off for that particular group.


Bonus Tips:

Set the Specific Ringing Alert for specific Group:

When you want to set the different Ringing alert for different group chat message turn “ON” the notification option as shown in the above screenshot. Then you will be provided with the option to set the New message ring tone for that particular Group.


Whenever you are busy and don’t want to be disturb why to allow whats app message to disturb you now. Just turn off the alerts and notification for the Whats App message whenever you want. And when you feel disturb only bay any particular group and want to turn off notification for it just turn off the notification for that particular group now.

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