New Google Maps for iOS 6 Review – Turn by Turn Voice Directions, Traffic and Public Transport Explained

Google Map has been missed by many of the users since the iOS6 has been released with iPhone 5. Apple Maps was supposed to take the place of Google Maps on our iPhones but it stood nowhere near to it. So, after a long wait we can see Google Maps on our iPhone that too without Jailbreaking it. Let us go through all of its features and see what all new things can be done.

Search and Save a Location in New Google Maps For iOS 6

You can search any location as you do it on desktop version of Google Maps, by just typing the name of it in the ‘search’ text field and once a place has been located you can navigate to the place by using the turn by turn voice guided navigation in new iOS google maps app.


To save the location tap on the result and then you will have some options through which you can save and share the location.


Getting Directions

You can get the directions is 2 ways: first you can search the location as mentioned above and then tap the name of the location at the bottom of the screen to get the further options. Among those options you can get the directions for that location. The other option can be to tap on the highlighted area on the screen and then provide the name of the location. In both the ways you will be able to get the directions in all the formats as available in the desktop version of Google Maps (as a pedestrian, using public transit, using your own vehicle).

You can enter any other location or by default it will take your current location to provide you the location.


Google Maps Navigation Modes [iOS]

Unlike the previous Google Maps and Desktop version you will not be able to view the hybrid mode of the maps i.e. Satellite view and Normal view at a time. Apart from that you will have few new options like watching out the traffic and the routes of Public Transit.


The traffic intensity will be highlighted by red, orange and green lines drawn along the roads where red indicating the highest, orange indicating not too high and green indicating Good to go.

Public transit feature indicates the routes of your Subway trains and Metro train and Google Earth option will take you that application, if you have it on your iPhone or to App Store.


Satellite view is good, as it is already hybrid with the road information but the font used to denote the data in the maps is difficult as it will merge in the colored background.


Enter Your Work and Home Address in Google Maps

You can save the information of address related to your profile like Home and Work address. These addresses will be saved as your favorites and so you can just say home or work to navigate to these places from anywhere using the voice guided navigation.



This application is a life saver now though it has some UI lag and you cannot expect it to be as fluid as it was working with previous version of iOS but this can be ignored when you are getting accurate information about the locations and routes. New features are working just fine and unlike Apple Maps, Google Maps gives preference to all the other countries also (not only US).

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