New Updates In Facebook Camera App for iOS [Version 1.1]

We know that this fall iOS 6.0 will be released which is being awaited by all the iPhone users. Once of the most interesting features in that version of iOS will be the integration of Facebook as built-in application in iOS, which simply means that now it will be much easier for all the users to share anything using Facebook.


Well it seems that Facebook primarily want their main ‘Facebook’ application to be used for news feeds, that is the reason to manage the page and chatting with your friends, you will need some other application. This being said, Facebook also updated their new Facebook application and they have claimed that this application was written from scratch to make it 2 times faster than the previous version and similarly they updated Facebook Messenger application also.


After these 2 they have updated Facebook Camera application, though it is not available in all the countries but it also a very interesting application, especially for the users who love to share photographs on Facebook from their iPhones. Before giving you the new updates about this application I would like to ransack through the features which were already present in this application.


Features available in the previous release

Initially, you could

  • Take the photos, edit them with the ‘filters and crop’ feature.
  • Share them with your friends.
  • Add comments on them and like them.
  • Tag your friends and add the caption line.
  • View the photographs shared by the other friends.
  • Control the type of audience of your photograph.

New features introduced in this application

  • Now you will be able to organize the photographs into new albums, by creating or deleting any album.
  • You will be able to give the caption, like or comment on the album as a whole.
  • Any notification related to any photograph related to your account will be notified in that application. For Example, if someone has tagged or if someone has posted a comment on a photograph or an album or if someone has liked the same, then you will be notified under these circumstances.
  • Apart from a single photograph or a single album if you want to like or put a comment on a certain number of photos, then you can select them randomly out of an album and then do the needful.
  • You will be able to see the details (name and profile image) of the user who has likes your photo or album.
  • One of the most important features, that you will be able to like any single comment.
  • This application has been translated for 10 different languages (including French, German, Spanish and few more)

Expected features in the Future release.

  • Ability to remove pic from your timeline: If your good friend has tagged in you in a bad photo, then instead of reporting that as an abuse you can remove it from your timeline, so that your other friends should not be able to see it on your timeline.
  • Suggesting your friend as their profile picture, if they have not selected one.

Download Facebook Camera 1.1

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