Easy Way to Capture News on Your Android Smartphones

All right News Junkies, a killer app for you all. NewsHunt it is called. Take no time in downloading this little free app (1.7 MB) from the Google Play store (or at any phone with GPRS) and keep yourself immersed in the world of News.


Why NewsHunt

You are less likely to be satisfied with a standalone newspaper publication app because the news are limited. An app which can serve you news from all over the newspaper publications without any language-support barrier must be the one you might be looking for. Newshunt is that. It supports 11 languages at present and serves you news from more than 85 publications.

Newshunt for Android

What comes as a matter of surprise is that it renders those different language fonts glitch free. So no matter if you want to read the news in kannada or hindi, Newshunt will serve the purpose effectively.

Newshunt Support For hindi

Newshunt has been developed to serve news a lot faster. It responds so well that the stories seemed to be fetched almost instantly. You tap a news on your phone and the full story is there.

The various categories to chose from makes it favourite of all genre of news junkies. Categories options include Business, sports, regional, travel etc. Newshunt also has the feature to add a new category of your choice which has some obsolete choices such as Tech Events, Sex Relationship, Celeb interviews etc.

Customisation Options

Newshunt gives you basic font and background customisation options. You can chose four different font sizes and four minimalistic backgrounds. White, sepia, black and sky.

Sharing a News Story

If you like some piece of news to be shared among your friends you can tap the share button and get options to share to your Facebook, Email or even SMS. Choosing other apps will take you to the variety of sharing compatible apps installed in your phone.

Soft Corner for Cricket Fans

Another irresistible feature that Newshunt carries is the one touch access to cricket live scores. In that you should find the live scores of the matches in action. (IPL included). Also there is a Points table, which at present tells the current standings of IPL teams. Schedule has the listing of national as well as international upcoming matches.

Cricket in Newshunt

Newshunt currently serves news of three countries. India, Africa and Bangladesh and apart from this can also be used as Job finder too. You can search jobs from sites like and

NewsHunt Jobs

The only thing which will make you think twice before getting addicted to this app is ad. Ads are served at almost every screen of the app and that can be a reason for a distraction. But hey, without ads cricket would not be this interesting. Isn’t it?

There are a couple of similar and effective news rendering apps (Like PressReader) but the lightness makes newshunt a worth trying. Also its ability to render news in almost every Indian language gives a thumbs up to this from users in India.

(To download Newshunt at your smartphone, simply go to and rest is done by the app itself. Also from its site you can send yourself an download link to your mobile as in SMS).

By Kamal Nayan

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