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Nimbuzz App For Android [Review]

What happens when you have already encountered something great and now you are interacting with something good? You are bound to be dissatisfied by the good, because your expectations are of “great” level.

Same happened with me while using Nimbuzz. Before i get cruel for the app, allow me to discuss key features of Nimbuzz.

The greatest strength of Nimbuzz app lies in its availability throughout the multiple platforms, be it mobile or computers. It is more likely that if you are an user of pervious generation smartphones (Nokia Symbiam) you must have used this app. Apart from offering services through out the all popular mobile platforms, Nimbuzz offers its services to computer and Mac too. If this is not enough, you can continue Webchats through your internet browsers irrespective of the operating system.

If you are looking for some cheap (pun intended) VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocols) options to consider, i believe there should not be cheaper option than Nimbuzz. To call from India to USA (Florida) you will be charged just 0.0080 USD per minute which sums up to as less as 43 Paise per minute. And more, Nimbuzz claims of providing HD Voice Calls.

Nimbuzz App

Another interesting feature is its ChatRooms. But conditions apply. Your experience might not be soothing because of some unsocial elements found there. If you join some chatroom, talk to unknown acquaintances at your own risks.

Nimbuzz bot is really fun to talk with. Its witty sense of humour will impress you. On a very useful note, the Nimbuzz bot can be used for many purposes. There are twitter bots, astrology bots, cricket bot and the default Jimmy Testbot. I believe for getting the latest cricket scores of your favourite team, Cricket bot will come handy here.

Nimbuzz Bot
Nimbuzz Bot

Undoubtedly, the app will lack behind when compared to its rivalries like WhatsApp, Skype, or Viber. But few features will score over all these are – Skype is little costlier in terms of VOIP and you cannot WhatsApp on your computer.

All in all Nimbuzz is not among the league of must have apps especially on the Android Platform, but if you are looking for an option wherein you can chat seamlessly between your phone and computer, and enjoy cheap VOIP, you should give Nimbuzz a try.

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