Open, Launch Apps From Lock Screen On iPhone With LockLauncher [Free]

The iOS 5 for iPhone  is around the corner and websites have already started covering its new features which are not present in any of the existing or previous operating systems. Plenty of new features will be added of which one special feature is where you can access the camera right from the lockscreen without going to the homescreen. This sounds really interesting but what if one could get it on the existing iPhone OS.

Its true and in order to download this app, known as LockLauncher, one has to have a jailbroken apple device with Cydia installed on it. One can search for the app on Cydia and can download it for free.


The app does not have any icon which could be displayed on the homescreen but can be accessed only through the phone settings.


Before you test it, you must understand the functionality and configure it according to your needs.


So from the settings menu go to the app and select the number of icons you wish to display on the lock screen. At most 5 are allowed so you can wither put one app on the lockscreen or two or five.


To select an app, just tap on the Select First Application option and from the list choose any installed app. Similarly for the second app repeat the same process and use the Select Second Application option.


In my case I added four icons and after selecting the particular apps, close it and lock the phone. On pressing the home button or the power button you will see all those icons right on the lockscreen.


Now I have made you familiar with the set up and now I will make you understand the functionality. To open an app from the lockscreen itself without locating the same after scrolling a few pages of your homescreen, just tap on the app present on the lockscreen and unlock the phone and it will open that particular app.


Interestingly the tweak not only lets you access just one app but one can also open more than one apps in a sequence. To open a number of apps before going to the homescreen, after unlocking your phone, simply tap the icons present on the lockscreen in a particular sequence and then unlock it. I tested it by tapping on Compass first, then iPod, then calculator and finally installous. So when I unlocked it, the tweak opened all the apps in the same sequence as directed by me.


One can exit the sequence by pressing the home key again and again until all the apps are closed and at the end you will land up on the main screen.


Conclusion: It is an amazing tweak to open an app or apps in sequence directly from the lockscreen and is extremely simple to get used to.

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Cydia To Install LockLauncher

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