Opera Final Released for Android with New Features

Honestly i often become nostalgic when there is a mention of Opera. My first smartphone was Nokia E63 and on that the most used app was Opera Mini 6. It was more than a necessity and Opera mini browser met that blissfully. Things changed, and i moved on to blackberry and i once again, felt the dire necessity of the most used mobile browser as the native browser sucked.

Now i have an Android Phone and all over again i have been using Opera for so long without a gltich. Today, the final version of Opera for Android was released and the opera-admirers like us are more than content. And absolutely there are several reasons (read features) that make you stunned as well.

Opera Mini for android

The free Opera for Android, (yes, you read that right. It is free. It always was.) can be downloaded from the Play store and is a matter around 14 MB on Android 4.1. (The size actually differs based on the platform versions.)

First impression

The app looks polished more than ever, utterly clean and clutter-free. The three tabs on the home screen, History, speed dial and Discover. The discover tab is one of the latest additions to the Opera Mini and we will get to it in a moment. The Speed dial, as many of opera users would know, lets you pin your favorite sites so that you can access them from a single tap. Tap it for long and it gives you options to edit or remove those predefined thumbs of sites. You can even group the multiple sites under one folder name.

The Discover

Feeling bored? Tap discover and you are greeted with all the new and interesting articles right there. You can tailor the contents based on the country and your interests from the settings. I did that and i was personally content by the content that was being delivered. A brief summary of the stories are displayed for a superficial read-up and you can have the full access from a tap.

Opera Discover Feature
Opera Discover Feature

The Off-Rode Mode

The new Opera for android has the integrated compression technology. When you have weak coverage or in areas where roaming costs much, you can switch to this mode and opera will do the rest in cutting your bill. Pretty useful for frequent travelers. You can view the percentage of data savings right there. You can also restrict the image quality for more data save or even choose not to load them.

Off-Road Mode
Off-Road Mode

Apart from these two breakthrough feature enhancements, there are many other features because of which opera can be preferred upon. Save for later provides you the option to download the complete web page when you are connected and view them when you are offline. So the features which we enjoyed on our computers such as Pocket or Instapaper, can be enjoyed on the mobile devices as well with same ease. The navigation bar can be either be kept on the top or at the bottom.

The completely new designed interface will be a soothing experience. I noticed each and every user aspect is taken care of and feels no less than polished. The new Speed Dial has been deigned in such a way that you can even use it as Bookmark Manager too but with a better graphical interface. Keeping that History in one of the main tabs make it easier than ever to watch what you viewed earlier and get back to it. Finally the multipurpose search and address bar can be used to either search for queries or directly browse any site.

Overall the mobile web browser Opera is beauty in its look n feel and beast with its features.

With so many enhancements and feature additions i have recently found myself preferring the mobile browsers more over basic browsers. Unlike Chrome there are less features but are the ones working glitch free. Yes. Indeed the free must-have app for our phone.

By Kamal Nayan

Kamal Nayan is a blogger at where he has been writing about personal technology, productivity hacks and often produces how to videos. He takes some time off from his engineering to write about tips and tweaks related to Android and other phones on this blog.

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