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List Of Live Weather Widgets for Android

Weather unarguably plays important role in our life. To cite an instance, our vacations depend on the climatic conditions. Obviously we every now and then turn to our phone for the required information. Since the very beginning i have been writing this down that what ever it is android doesn’t lack quality weather applications (for example Yahoo Weather app).

Adding some more variety to the way we access weather information, in this post we discuss some widgets that make your wallpaper live by displaying dynamic information. If you have been a regular android user, widgets wont be a Chinese term for you.

Clear Conditions HD

Clear Conditions HD is one of the most minimalistic looking Weather Widget for UCCW. However there is little catch here. You will need to install UCCW app prior for the best experience. Once you have installed the skin, just long press the home screen to create a widget. Next select uccw from the widget list. Thats it.


Download: Android

cLock Weather Widget UCCW skin

cLock Weather Widget

This skin again uses UCCW and comes at a price of $1.5 (Rs 80.78).  The theme has some resemblance of cLock application from Cyanogen Mod 10.1. With this beautiful widget comes a included clock feature too.

Download: Android

Weather Clock Full

Weather Clock full2

We specifically liked the way information presented behind a minimalistic analog clock. Developer of the app claims this as lightweight in terms of apk size as well as data traffic too. Pretty useful for people who like to track the weather conditions of city located in different timezone.

Download: Android

Related: Yahoo Weather app also allows you to add predefined list of cities.

EZ Weather HD Forecast Free

EZ Weather

The app became our one of the favs since its previous update. Based on the HOLO interface, this beautiful widget is a must try.

Download: Android

Weather Screen

Weather Screen

This is specifically for people who love live wallpapers. It animates informations such as current weather, and time of the day with any chosen background and makes it dynamic. The app comes at a price of $2.99 but is worth it.

Download: Android

Similar Options

If none of the above has managed to impress you, you can give a try to Metro Clock and Weather Full. Weather+ is again another option if you like flip-clock fans. And still if you want additional information such as pressure, humidity, precipitation i would recommend Weather Live.


Widgets in android make any information easily consumable. They are quiet handy and carry potential to replace the functioning of a full fledged apps. Let us know in comments which widgets do you use and why?


Hammer: Application to share and take Opinion of Others

Social networking is one of the most popular sector that has been growing over internet because people love to share their opinion, their good or bad news with their friends and the known ones over internet. Today I will be sharing an application which has its own social circle and which has been primarily developed to let you interact with new people who somewhat share the same opinion about the intellectual matters happening all around the world.


Honestly speaking I avoid killing time on Facebook and I feel that Twitter is far better than that because Twitter is not much famous in my country and there are very less number of people over Twitter as compared to Facebook and so there are less number of distractions over Twitter as compared to Facebook. So I end up reading opinions from great scholars and orators about some of the very important topic and news happening round the globe and sometimes I also participate by stating my views.

How Does This Application Work

Hammer as an application is solely dedicated to the last 2 lines mentioned above in the paragraph. It will ask you a general question and based upon your opinion it will show that what others have to say about it. We will recommend you to directly choose the news section and then share your opinion about the latest topics. You can choose to change the topics by choosing a different category.


One of the sections of this application will ask you a question and show you two options in form of images and you will have to select an option and once you select your option, you will see the result of the poll which will tell you whether you go with the majority or not. You can also leave a comment related to that question and you can also post or own question which can be also be shared over the other social networks.



This application is unique in its operation and you will surely use it once in a while (even if you don’t get addicted to it).This application is really great for the Marketing research surveyors who will at least the get opinion about their questions from the 50 to 60 users. Please let us know if you face any problem while using this application, you can download the same on iPhone and Android smart-phone both.

Download Hammer – App Store | Google Play Store


Turn Any Android Device into Chromecast Receiver With Cheapcast

It has been only a month since Google Chromecast debuted in market and since being a very cheap and hackable at the same time, the product has already made its presence to most of our houses. Those who are new to the Chromecast thing, its a product by Google, available at just $35, lets you stream any content from any device to your HDTV.

The only weak point is the compatibility and Google Chromecast is only supported with handful of applications. This limitation is genuinely and intelligently is removed by Cheapcast. Cheapcast turns any Android device into a Chromecast receiver. In nut, it mimics the entire features of $35 Chromecast without letting you spending a penny.


The app is freely available at the Google Play Store and from downloading to getting it work required not more than a second. However one additional thing you would like to do is to add a friendly name to the device. Though a default name is already given.


Next when you open the YouTube app, you only have to tap the Cheapcast icon at the right corner, and it will give the list of devices to play the video on.



Without any problem i was able to stream Music and YouTube videos. But just to note that the Cheapcast is just a beta product so the video quality and duration might feel lagged and distorted. Also the tab casting of Chrome is not supported in the app.

The Cheapcast appears to be a working alternative for those in need of the Google Chromecast. Also if you have multiple Android devices and not use some of them, this little useful app might put them back in use.

Download Cheapcast (Free) | Google Play Store

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How To Enable Dialpad Autocomplete On Android 4.3

Since the very beginning when Android first came out, people liked it very much. The credit is to be given to the development team that took complete care of all the aspects. Despite this special care there were some features that were not present initially but gradually they were added. However, one very important feature was still missing from the list but with the release of Android 4.3, Google managed to bring the same to all its devices.

We are talking about the dial pad autocomplete feature where when you begin dialing a number, the device uses your address book to guess who you are going to call and offers resembling numbers so that you do not have to enter the complete number.

This feature may have not been present on stock Android OS up to 4.2.2, but manufacturers like Sony, Samsung and others have been providing this feature since the start. So it was something that Google should have taken care off well before but now that the feature is finally there we find no reasons to complain.

How To Enable Dial Pad Autocomplete On Android 4.3

Step 1: First and foremost you have to launch Phone app. The dial pad settings can only be accessed from here so there is no point in going to the stock Settings app.


Step 2: Now tap the menu button which is present at the bottom right corner (the one with three vertical dots). From the pop up menu, select Settings.

Step 3: You will see a new window that says Call Settings. Scroll down to the bottom of the page until you see an option saying Dial pad autocomplete. You would find the feature under Other Call Settings section. You need to check the corresponding box and that’s it, you are done.


Now you may go back to the dial pad and try entering a known number and matching contacts will be displayed just above the dial pad.


This is a very useful feature when you need to dial a number quickly and we are glad it has been added to the stock Android OS finally. If you have not enabled this feature yet, do follow the aforementioned guide and do it right away.

Android Tips

iOS 7 Beta Control Center On Android

iOS 7 beta was released a while back and it is being debated as both a hit and a miss. The design has been completely overhauled, as Apple promised, and while many developers are liking it, many are criticizing it at the same time.

But one feature that has really come out as a surprise is the iOS 7 Control Center. The control center is basically an official replacement of SBSettings from where one can toggle airplane mode, bluetooth, wi-fi, and other features on or off, without moving away from the very screen you are on. One can invoke the control center by swiping upwards from the bottom of the screen which makes it extremely convenient to use.

While we are waiting for Apple to release the iOS 7 for all the users, developers from the Android community have found ways to replicate the control center on the android OS. Now even a regular android user can experience how iOS 7’s control center feels, so if you want to try this out on your android device, follow the guide below:

Step 1: Download Control Center from Google Play Store and install it on your device.

Step 2: Launch the application form the application drawer and on the very first screen toggle the Start Service feature ON. After doing so tap on the Touchable Area.


Step 3: Under Touchable Area section, select the area style along with the width and height of the area. We would recommend you to keep it close to 5dp or else you would face problems while using other applications.


Now you are done with the configuration part and you can exit the application to experience the iOS 7 control center on your device. To launch the control center you will have to swipe upwards from the bottom of the but make sure you do not drag open Google Now. As you can see you have toggles for the basic features as well as brightness and volume sliders on the control panel. You will also be able to switch between general and silent ringer profiles.


The last row of apps at the bottom do not work as per one’s expectations. For example, the camera button does not launch the stock camera app and instead you will have to map it to launch a third party camera app. To change the apps you want to launch using the last row of buttons, you can long press any of the icons and an application list will pop open. You can select the desired app from there.



A great development coming from the developer community, however, the app still has a couple of bugs which if resolved will make it more appealing.

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List of Best Apps For Scanning Documents on Android and iOS

It was just few years back when we scanning a document meant connecting a scanner first, then placing the document in the required orientation and then keeping the digital format in memorable format.

But just imagine the way offers have been now, where you either need to produce the previous bill number to avail the discount. Every time you went to home and instead snapping pictures of the cool gadgets you bought you had the urge to OCR the bills to your computers.

But thanks to the smartphone. (Are the really smart, i doubt) We don’t need to have so many steps. Instead we have now capable apps to do the job done uberly through camera. Here are top apps for scanning document on your Android and iOS smartphones.



Evernote has myriad of functions and note taking one of the primary one. Very few people know about the inbuilt feature of it to take pictures and store it as documents even PDF formats. Now how cool is that?

With in the note app, tap the plus-sign button and select Page Camera. There you go. The best part it you can scan multiple documents and then merge them into a single one.

Download: Android | iOS

Google Drive


Google drive is another multi-utility app available for both android and iOS. Simply snap a document and it gets saved into your drive in the form of PDF. It will automatically (obviously) add the OCR so that its easily searchable in the drive.

Download: Android | iOS

Scanner Pro

scan pro

Unlike the two of the apps mentioned above, this app is a premium but at first glance looks like worth paying. The interface is clean and easy enough to operate. Once you have scanned the document, you can scan them directly to Dropbox, Evernote and Google Docs.

Download: Android | iOS



CamScanner is another option if you wanted to turn your smartphone into an OCR scanner. The app lets you access documents from the web from its web interface where you can also edit file name, tags and other attributes of file.

Download: Android | iOS



TurboScan is among those apps which deliver better performance with high image quality. If your main objective is about document scanning accuracy, and want documents to be crisper and clear, TurboScan is what you should get.

Download: iOS

Other Options

DocScanner is another option for iOS, Android and Mac users which offers a decent interface. The app also has the feature to detect the edges of the pages so this can be an addon.


If personally i would have to pick one, i would go with either with Google Drive or Evernote app. Not only because these are free to use, but also offer the best possible synchronisation on different devices. For a premium service, i have my reservations with Scanner Pro.

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List Of Free Ebook Reading Applications For Android and iOS

An old saying goes like “Wear that old coat, buy that new book”. Quite true. Reading gives your mind an endless opportunity to dream and imagine. Personally i think, eBook readers are one of those rarest invention that i will not stop admiring even when i turn old.

So if you are a bit like me, (likes reading a lot) you need not to buy an ebook reader to render your needs. Here we bring you list of five great free ebook applications that are available for android as well as iOS devices.



The app Kindle will also remain out first choice for the ebook readers. The app is the proprietary of the internet giant Amazon. The added benefit is, you buy an ebook at Amazon (at lower cost than paperbacks) , and it get syncs across all your devices.

Apart from its availability to android and iOS it is also available as PC and Mac softwares.

Download : Android | iOS



However, our second recommendation is not less packed than the first one. With “pick up right where you left off” by syncing your bookmarks, notes and highlights to all your devices, Kobo lets you also browse over more than 4 million fess as well as affordable titles.

An interesting feature that Kobo is equipped with is “Reading Life”. You can actually track your reading habits such as how long it took to read that particular book. You can also add books from your dropbox account.

Download : Android | iOS



If magazines are your cup of your coffee, you should surely check out Zinio : 5000+ Digital Magazines app. The app which is available for Android as well as iOS platform lets you read new magazine articles without spending a penny.

Zinio also allows you to download magazines to read them offline.

Download : Android | iOS

Wattpad Ebooks


The app is different than the conventional ebook readers mentioned. Wattpad ebooks offers titles that are written by mostly non-professional writers and of course for free.

What is great is you can also write stories and publish them for others to read.

Download : Android | iOS



Nook is one app which we guess you probably wont have heard of. Its integrated “Nook Store” makes purchasing new releases easier enough. Nook offers more than 1 million free ebooks to choose from.

Download : Android | iOS

Other Options

If you are someone kind of nerd, eCarrel might be the app for android that can make you interested in. Or else if you are just looking out for an ebook reader with no other complications, check out Stanza for iOS devices.


So, this was the list of top five ebook reader applications for android and iOS. Certainly there are more than just the count, you can let us know which one is your favourite in the comments below.

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List Of Alternative Apps For Gmail for Android

Google’s Android has some of the best apps of smartphone-verse. Maps, Drive, Gmail, just to name a few of them. Majority of them come from the maker Google itself. I am assuming there is a slight chance you might be fed up with its services and hence are looking out for some alternatives.

So here are five alternative apps for Gmail app for Android.



MailDroid will be my first recommendation for anyone looking out for an alternative for Gmail. Its easy to use interface looks easing to eyes too. You can easily customize the connection settings to minimize you cellular data bills. Bookmarks allow you to quickly jump to your specified folder in the mailbox.

If spam is your headache, you can pay MailDroid few bucks and the app will do the rest for you.

Download: Android

K–9 Mail


Apart from its ridiculous icon, everything else is powerful in terms of features. K–9 Mail can manage multiple accounts easily and automatically detects settings for new emails, like every other decent email application. You can enable split mode even on the smartphone in which you get to see more application interface.

You can also set up a “quiet time” in which the app won’t show any notification.

Download: Android

K-@ Mail Pro


K-@ Mail Pro sports more streamlined and refined interface. Like K–9 Mail, it also supports “quiet time” feature. In addition, it also comes equipped with text to speech and lock screen notifications. The app has also its widgets which makes even seamless to be in connection with the mail box.

Download: Android



If you are looking out for a straightforward email application for your android, with abilities to remote wipe and data encryption abilities, Emoze is for you. It offers a unified inbox, a designated attachments folder and always-available push email.

Download: Android

Aqua Mail Pro


The essential feature of Aqua Mail Pro is its integration with third party launcher apps such as Tasker, Nova Launcher and Apex Launcher Pro. In Aqua Mail Pro you can choose whether or not you want to automatically add a contact after you send off a message.

Aqual Mail Pro also features a Smart Inbox, which works like priority inbox of Gmail. But i doubt the feature would be as accurate as Gmail’s. Go for this app if you don’t want to struggle with the fiddle server settings of your email services.

Download: Android 

Similar Options

If you are looking for a full featured Exchange solution for Android, Touchdown (Exchange) For Android can be one option to give a try upon. The app has full support for Microsoft Activesync and Exchange Web Services.


So this was compiled list for the alternatives of email clients. All of these apps are already optimised to be used on tablets. Let us know your feedback regarding these in comments below.


[App Of The Day-#4] Say Another Way App Review

There are myriad of applications available in the Google Play Store. Be it Productivity, or Social Networking or Games. Recently an app which caught our attention was Say Another Way. Its a brain and puzzle game where you describe a word in a different way and other people score by guessing the right word.


Getting Started

The Say Another Way application weighs around 17 MB in terms of size and is available free at the Google Play Store. To use __Say Another Way__requires you to either have a separate account or log in via Facebook. I personally go with a separate account however i dont think there is a problem logging in via Facebook. In addition if you log in via Facebook, you are likely to enjoy its social integration features.

How to Play

The playing is as simple as it could have been. Clicking the Create New Game button creates a new game (obviously) for your friends. You can invite them via Facebook, Email or even random.



Then the app provides you few words to choose. Once you have chosen the word, you need to add a brief description to it, making it catchy.


Next, the description will be sent to the person you chose to play with. If they happen to guess the words correctly they will score points.


If they cant they can press the give up.

If you don’t like words suggested by the app, you can go ahead with your own words, which requires “heart”. You can buy hearts from exchanging it with “stars” and “stars” can be bought via in-app purchases.



Setting tab contains a brief video description of the procedure to play. You can also view your statistics under the achievement tab.


As interface and design wise the app did not please me at all. I didn’t like the app’s color combination either. The app is based on a simple idea which is you describe a word in a different way and your friends guess it. At times i found it quite addicting but i am not sure if i should recommend this as a must have application for your Android phone.

Say Another Way (Beta Testing) | Google Play Store

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List Of Best Apps That Youth Should Not Miss This Festive Season

The festive season is on, and on must be your desires to own your favourite gadgets. We are buying gadgets like any time. The tyranny of choices cloud our buying decisions. Anyhow when we settle for the appropriate tablet or smartphone we reach out for our favourite softwares. And then choosing among the available is also not a walk in the park.

We experienced the same some time ago and we figured out some favourites meanwhile. Here are top applications that you should not miss this festive season.

Virtual World Teen Patti


English people know it with the name “Flush”. Obviously its in digitalised format and can be either played with real players from any part of the earth or the bots itself. No, it doesn’t require your credit card which makes it secure and free at the same time. Whats more is you can also have live in-game chat as well as exchange gifts.

Download : Android 

Hike : For a Better Messaging Experience


For messaging we have our own preferences but trying out a few worthy alternatives wont change the routine of the sun. Hike is one such alternative for messaging that truly deserves your attention. The big plus point of the app is that your recipient don’t necessarily have to be a hike user and still can get your messages.

Here is a detailed review of Hike Messenger.

Download : Android | iOS

Zomato Restaurant Finder App


If you are not a foodie you are not enjoying your life as much. And in case if you are from normal (lazy) breed of men, you must be finding good restaurants to cater your stomach. I believe until now you must have been doing it through google maps but here is Zomato Resturant Finder App that wont leave you unsatisfied either. The app is location aware and recommends worthy restaurants around. Filters such as “open now” are of great use. They only limitation with the app is its reach. If you happen to be from little less known city dont expect much.

Download : Android | iOS



Like i mentioned earlier, if you are not having exotic foods all around you are not living life either. Allthecooks is an application that lets you discover your culinary skills with some additional experiments. The apps has more than 150 thousands of recipes and also features a vibrant community of apps.

Download : Android 



Being a foodies is one thing to enjoy life and keeping yourself healthy is another. The advantage with the later is that it comes with free of charge. If you are looking for a start, here is an app that will help you and keep you motivated. RunKeeper is a fitness and trainer app for your smartphone. It will track your runnings, walkings, cyclings, and hiking with awareness of your location.

Download : Android | iOS

Other Options

If you are looking for some great deals and discounts on products FlipKart and eBay recently released their apps for smartphone. Visiting them often will keep you aware of the on going deals and offers.


We presented you the list of just five applications buy certainly there are myriad of others available and mentioning each of them was going to be a boring affair. But you can spark the conversation in the comments below by letting us know which is your favourite app for the festive season.