Store iPhone Text Notes On Dropbox With Nebulous Notes

If you have a dropbox account, there are many ways you can use it. For instance you can easily store all the notes on iphone always backed up online by storing then on dropbox server, Nebulous Notes is a powerful, yet simple, text editor for note-takers, writers, and coders. (If you want to try-before-you-buy, check out "Nebulous Notes Lite")


Your notes are backed up and available from Dropbox, the best back-up service in the world. Free accounts on Dropbox come with 2GB of space, enough to store these text notes you create with the app.

The overall app interface is really simple and easy to use as shown in the image below.


You can either create a .doc document or create the simple text document which you can later store on dropbox account.


Once you have created the document, you will see corner button disappear for the reason mentioned below.


Then once you press sync button to save this note or document online with dropbox server, it will ask for the drop box account username and password as shown in the image below.


You can select in which folder on your dropbox account as shown in the image below.


You need customize the text color, font side and background color as well as shown in the image below.


Once you have created a note you can now directly sync it with dropbox


Some Key Features Of The Nebulous Notes App

Rock-solid, does not crash (a problem with most other iOS text editors)
• Uses Dropbox, the gold standard in cloud storage services (Also free!)
• Open files from ANY Dropbox folder
• Protect the app with a PIN
• Customizable themes
• Supports saving and opening in all file encodings (useful for international users)
• VoiceOver hints

• Preview docs in HTML, MarkDown
• Print documents using AirPrint
• Supports Text Expander touch snippet expansion
• Save with CR+LF line endings for compatibility with Notepad.exe and other editors
• Full-screen support for "Writeroom"-style editing
• Search for text

• "Insert Tab" key (multi-line tabbing and un-tabbing supported)
• More accurate, monospaced fonts included
• Macro system lets you add frequently used keys to a toolbar (like { } [ ] = %, etc.).
• Macro system also has basic text-substitutions for convenient HTML tags
• Turn off word-wrapping

NOTE: Nebulous Notes is only for plain text editing, and cannot edit Word Documents or PDFs.

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

App Requirements:Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later.

Conclusion: The application is extremely productive and best to store notes online without worrying about them getting lost any time.

Our Rating: 3/5 | Price: $2.99 or Free Version Also Available | Visit App Store Link To Install Nebulous Notes

This App Comes For Android – Yes | Is It Free – Yes | Android Market Link To Install


Stop Receiving Spam, Advertising SMS On Your Android Phone With SMS Blocker [Free]

Whether you own a Vodafone number or an Airtel one or any other, the biggest problem now a days is the uncountable number of advertisements through SMSs. Many do get Do Not Disturb a.k.a DND service activated but it hardly helps but if you own an Android device then I have probably found a solution to these unwanted messages.

smsBlocker is the best spam message blocker so far and I believe it’s the perfect app for your phone and will not disappoint you. In fact I have been using it for a while and found it simply amazing. At the first screen you just have to set the country code and proceed.


At the beginning it will scan your inbox and will ask you to check the boxes for the messages that you want to block in the future. So select all those messages and hit the Add button present at the bottom.


The next screen will take you to the actual interface of the app where you get tabs like Block, Allow, Filter, Logs and Settings.


In case you want to add more numbers to your block list you can tap on menu and select add which will being a small pop up window on your screen with options like Inbox, Phonebook and Manual Entry. Through Inbox option you can go to your inbox again and select the respective messages. With the Phonebook option you can block numbers already existing in your contact list.


Just to make you understand, I did add a few more messages by tapping on Inbox and then selecting the unwanted ones.


Switching to the allow tab will take you to the next feature where you can manually enter the numbers which are to be allowed.


Filter is the next option where you can enter the words that are supposed to be blocked or allowed. For example I wanted to block all the messages with any association with snapdeal, so I entered the word snapdeal in the block content category so that the filter can do its job.


The Logs option is similar to your call logs and keeps a record of the blocked messages. In my case it was one so the  app is showing a single message in the logs section.


From the settings menu you can enable or disable the app and can also set the country code.


On hitting the menu button in the settings section, you would also a Share option with which you can share it via Bluetooth, Facebook, gmail or many other options.


One can also track the number of messages blocked in the notification drop down menu and interestingly by the time I ended reviewing the app, it blocked 2 more messages taking the total to 3 from the previous 1 as seen in the logs section.


Conclusion: So far I bet it’s the best spam message blocker app and is definitely a must one.

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install smsBlocker


Send Pre-Composed Saved Template SMS Messages From iPhone Using Canned [Paid]

There are many SMS applications for iPhone which do enhance your level of productivity to an extent but the latest one that we have discovered is an amazing one and is extremely helpful in a number of situations. Canned is an SMS application which is based on the concept of pre-composed text messages which could be sent instantly to a single person or a bunch of persons.


The very first screen of the app displays a small message in the middle asking you to compose your first message through the + button provided on the right top hand side. So just tap on it and compose your first message template.


Following the same process again and again I have added four different message templates which could be used in the future.


So this way you can create several templates as per your requirement and frequent use. The next important step is to add the contacts to your message while you are composing it and you can do it while you are creating the template. When you go to a new template a small button in gray is displayed right in the middle on the right. Tapping on it will push the keyboard down and will being the option for adding contacts to your template and those will get permanently associated with that template. This means that whenever you select that template and hit the send button, the message will be delivered to people whom you added initially, despite the number of persons you will add along with them.


In order to send a particular message to a group of people, just open the app, select the template and add the recipients in the To section one by one in a similar way as you do it on your stock message app, by tapping in the TO section on the top and then typing the respective alphabets. Remember that the initially added contacts will


Once you have added all the contacts simply hit the send button and the messages will leave the stable immediately.


Key Features Of The Application Include

  • Precomposed text messages
  • Group text messages
  • Quick responses when you can’t take a call
  • Sending regular text messages easily
  • Complimenting Apple’s built-in Messages app
  • Great design that doesn’t burn your retinas

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4 or later.

Conclusion: The application is extremely productive and best to send messages when you are busy and cannot type messages

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: $0.99 | Visit App Store Link To Install Canned

[ This App Comes For Android – Yes – Android Market Link ]


Make Android Phone Faster In Single Tap With Easy SpeedUp

There is no end to the list of utilities available for android to make it run faster and the newest one to be added is known as Easy SpeedUp. The application is an amazing piece of work and helps make your phone run faster at one tap of your finger. The top portion of the app shows the percentage of CPU being used and just below is the total memory available on the phone for application use.


The application frees up space by closing the running applications and to know which one will be closed just look for the nuclear button on the right hand side of each app. If that button is present, the app will be terminated and restarted once you use the one tap SpeedUp feature. SO to use it just hit the 1-Click SpeedUp button present at the bottom and it will do its job.


Once hit a small pop up window will show the number of processes terminated and the amount of memory freed as seen in the above image. Some apps, termed as Favorites are not terminated and are represented by a star button, instead of the nuclear button on the right. In order to hide or unhide the favorite apps, which includes only Easy SpeedUp for the moment, just tap on the star present on the right bottom corner.


In order to refresh your phone just tap on the left bottom corner button with two arrows and your processes will be refreshed.


The app is so simple that it does not contain any settings menu so if one hits the menu button to explore the app more, you would only see an about tab where information about the app such as version etc will be displayed and an exit button.


App Requirements: Compatible with Android deices. Requires android 1.6 – 3.1.

Conclusion: In all this seems to be a simple yet powerful app to make your phone faster

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install Easy SpeedUp


Fast Launch Video Recording On iPhone In Single Tap Using Capture

I love capturing videos on my iPhone so that I could relish them later with family and friends but it often happens that by the time we unlock the phone, scroll through the stock camera application, select video option and hit the record button, the most important moments are lost. At times and again it has happened with me also which I regretted a lot until I discovered this app on app store.

Known as Capture, the application is available on the store and is simply amazing. It is a video capture application and the most unique thing about the same is that it requires a single tap only to start recording.


So to use it just tap on the icon placed on the home screen and the recording will start immediately. To stop the recording, press the home button and the app will quite and save the recorded video to your camera roll.


The user interface has literally nothing except for the recording timer, making it extremely easy to use.


Some of the important features of this app are as follows:

  • Fast launch time
  • Minimal UI
  • Focus on tap and auto-focus feature
  • Rear and front facing camera support
  • Grid lines
  • Lock orientation
  • Disable record-on-launch
  • iTunes File Sharing

Other features include Record On Launch and Save to Camera Roll which could be toggled as per your wish.


For orientation option, you can either choose auto-detect or opt from a number of supported orientations like portrait, landscape etc along with the button orientation.


In case you are using any apple gadget with front facing camera such as iPhone 4, you can also change the default camera so as to either use the front one or the rear one.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4 or later.

Conclusion: The application is extremely fast to launch and quite good at its job

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: $0.99 | Visit App Store Link To Install Capture


iPhone Microsoft Tag Reader Helps You Decode MS Tag Created With Microsoft Tag Manager

You might have heard about Barcode and QR Code both of these codes store some information like in case of barcode it might some information about a product, and QR code on the other hand can store text, link etc type of information.

There is another type of code which is called Microsoft Tag which is similar to QR Code but it much more detailed as it can store a large amount and different type of information as compared to QR code. Below is a snapshot of how does a MS Tag will looks like 

ms tag

You can easily create a microsoft tag online using Microsoft Tag Manager, you can deliver five different types of Tag content, giving you a variety of ways to engage your audience. You can create the following types of tags shown in the image below.

different types of tags

Before you start creating a MS Tag you will need to login to Microsoft Tag Manager using live or hotmail ID, once you have created a tag you can choose to render or download it to your computer as shown in the image below.

render download ms tag

Now you can select in what size you would like to download the ms tag, it will also show the printing instructions as well for the MS Tag as shown in the image below.

ms tag download 

Now once the tag is downloaded you can print it in any size and then you can scan it using the iphone MS tag reader app as shown in the image below.


Once it decode the tag, which is normally very fast for MS tag reader for iphone, it will show you the information or redirect you the URL if defined, which in my case was my personal website.


You can anytime browse through already decode MS tags in the application itself


It also vibrates iphone when it detects a MS tag, you can turn off this feature if you don’t like it.


MS Tag reader also comes for other mobile phone os platform, you can see the list of devices here as shown in the image below.


To get the reader, point your phone internet browsere to, get the download link via text, or find it in your mobile marketplace.

App Requirements: It Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Conclusion: In all this seems to be great fast ms tag reader app

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit App Store Link To Install RunKeeper

[ This App Comes For Android – Yes – Android Market Link ]


Create, Email And Sync Notes On iPhone With Simplenote

For some people note making is a hobby while for others it’s a necessity. Whether it is an iPhone  or Android, we have a host of apps of which the best one so far, has been Evernote. Today we will be reviewing yet another application dedicated to note making and in spite of lacking some essential features, is of great use.


Simplenote is the latest addition to apple’s online store and and supports only text based note making. Through this app one can keep notes, lists, ideas and a number of other things. The simplicity of the app is also reflected on the main interface which has two buttons on top, a settings button on the left, a ‘+’ sign on the right one and one on the bottom corner for adding tags.


Tapping on either of the two will direct you to another page. The + sign is meant for adding a new note whereas the settings button on the left is for accessing settings.


Once you create a note and save it a mail option is displayed at the left bottom corner of the screen from where you can email it.


Similarly a trash button is also displayed on the same screen at the right bottom corner which helps you in deleting the app. You can also witch to full screen mode by tapping on the right most button at the bottom.


In case you have made changes to an existing post and wish to know those modifications along with the date and time then first navigate to that particular note and hit the second button from the right at the bottom. On the next screen you will see a slider at the bottom which you can slide over to see the previous changes.


The settings menu has options like creating an online account on simple note, sort order, number of lines to be preview under the title of a note, lock orientation of the screen (portrait or landscape), web syncing and display date of every note that you have made. If you have an existing account on , you can login through it or else make a new one as it will help you in syncing your notes with your computer.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

Conclusion: In all this seems to be a simple yet powerful app to make easy notes.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit App Store Link To Install Simplenote

[ This App Comes For Android – Yes – Android Market Link ]



Copy, Save All Android Phone Data Includes SMS, Settings, Call logs, Favorites Etc With Backup Everything

We have covered a lot of backup applications like MobileGo, Application Backup & Restore and many others here at this link. Some are meant for backing up SMSs only, some for applications and some for a complete backup. Backup Everything is an amazing small application for creating backup of literally everything present on an android devices.

I believe it’s the easiest to use android backup application existing on the internet and is of extreme use under conditions where you want to make backup of the following things: SMS, MMS, Bookmarks, Call Log (including missed, dialed and received calls, System Settings, Alarms, Apn and last but not the least, your Applications.


The same application can also be used to restore the above mentioned sections from a previous backup file and restoring is again as simple as one could think of. In order to start backing up your data follow the steps given below.

  • Start the application. The first interface of the application would be similar to what you see above where you can Check All or Uncheck All or manually select the following sections you wish to make backup of.
  • Hit backup after which the app will ask for a confirmation of the sections whose backup will be created where you have to press OK and as you hit Ok the backup will start immediately.


The app creates a directory/folder named Backup Everything in your SD-card where the backup files will be stored and will be retrieved for future restorations.


For restoring, tap on the Restore tab present next to Backup at the top of your screen and follow the same steps which you followed for Backup process. The only difference is that instead of a Backup button at the bottom, a Restore button will be displayed.


One can also manage previously made backup settings by pressing the Menu button and then selecting the only option present there, View And Manage.


The developer has done an amazing piece of work by keeping the interface extremely simple and clean and also by adding only the required options with no tantrums for the users.The app is not available on the android market but for your convenience you can search on google for an APK file through which you can install it manually on your android phone. For those of you who don’t know how to install an app through APK file, navigate to Settings>Applications>Unknown Source and check the box. Transfer the file to your phone by connecting it to PC and then you can install it.

App Requirements: Compatible with Android deices. Requires android 1.6 – 3.1.

Conclusion: In all this seems to be a simple yet powerful app to backup of your personal data and settings.

Our Rating: 3.5/5 | Price: Free | Search On Google For The APK File To Install Backup Everything


RunKeeper For iPhone Helps You Track Physical Activity Like Cycling, Walking, Running & More

There are many apps to track your physical activity like running, cycling, walking and more using iphone GPS, one of them which already comes installed on your iphone is Nike+iPod which you can easily locate under settings and activate it, but the entire Nike+sport kit will cost you around $29 which means more money from your pocket.


When I decide to track my daily running activity with my iphone, I searched for some free apps alternatives which does not require any additional hardware, and I found this cool app called RunKeeper which allows you to tracking your workouts fun, social, and easy to understand so that you can improve the quality of your fitness.


The app upload the activity details to the runkeeper server which then stores all the activity data so you can be sure that all the activity data is safe. You can login to online account to view all the activity data.

runkeeper online login

This app is free to use and even the online membership is free which includes dashboard which allows to see a detailed graph of your daily physical activity you track using iphone runkeeper app as shown in the image below.

runkeeper activity graph

Using runkeeper app on iphone is really easy, as once you launch the app you can specify the activity type and it will instantly scan activate GPS and other required sensors on your iphone to track the physical activity as shown in the image below.


You can also select from different activity type as shown in the image below.


You can any time see the activity history, if there is any activity you see in red color that means that activity data is on your iphone only its not yet uploaded to runkeeper server.  


You can also specify other parameters like audio notifications to be played while doing the activity, the notifications will keep coming even if you have minimized the runkeeper app on your iphone. You can also change speed metrics, countdown, activities data privacy settings as shown in the image below.


You can see the real time graph of activity speed, avg speed and calories burned etc as shown in the image below.


You can also view your speed you maintained while covering every kilometer in this case for example of my running activity listed.


You can also view the entire map of the route you covered during your activity, however this remains confidential and private to you only by default. 


In case any of the activity is not uploaded you can always resend to upload again on runkeeper server for free.


It also allows you to post these physical activity updates on your facebook or twitter accounts under settings as shown in the image below.


It is not just an app and it lets you connect to the runkeeper online community with other users who are using runkeeper, you can add more friends through the online interface which allows to you to login with your runkeeper account credentials which you created on your iphone.

You can see the recent activity of your friends which will give you more reasons to be physically active and record these activity with runkeeper as shown in the image below.

7-27-2011 10-27-21 PM

You can organize races, make your street team and do other physical events with this app, there are great number of features to be explored. You can also opt for RunKeeper Pro app with our premium RunKeeper Elite subscription. Enjoy live activity broadcasting, discounted FitnessClasses and advanced reports to track your training.

App Requirements: It Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later.

Conclusion: In all this seems to be the best app for tracking physically activity and stay fit.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit App Store Link To Install RunKeeper

[ This App Comes For Android – Yes – Android Market Link ]


Download, Save Facebook Photos To Camera Roll In Facebook iPhone App [No Jailbreak Needed]

There are times when you would like to save the photos from facebook app on your iphone camera roll or photos, but previously there was no way you could save photos on your iphone directly from facebook app.

There are were some workarounds like you can download or save photos from facebook by using facebook through safari browser and then it will allow you to save the pictures directly in camera roll, you can read our complete guide here

Another hack which runs only on jailbreak iphone or ipod touch involves a app which you need to install from cydia, this app is called FBPhotoSave, it allows you to save photos by using simple gestures. All you have to do is to tap and hold the picture which you want to save until it prompts you to save it to the camera roll as shown in the image below.