Copy, Transfer iPod Songs In iPhone To Your Computer [iTunes Not Required]

There are times when you may want to transfer the songs on your iphone under ipod application to some computer which is not yours, which means that the computer on which you would like to transfer the songs may or may not have itunes installed on it.

In order to solve this simple problem we cam across a great app called Song Exporter Pro which allows you to transfer via Wi-Fi the songs you have in your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad to any computer in your network. No iTunes required.

In order to transfer these songs and videos you will need to connect your apple device to the same wifi network to which your computer is connected on which you want to transfer these songs. Once both the devices are connected you need to run songs exporter pro on your apple device.

Using the app is really simple, you just need to tap the music icon on the application at the top center as shown in the image below.


Now you need to select the songs which you would like to share or transfer and then tap done as shown in the image below.


Now it will tell you the IP address which you can open in web browser.


Open this address in the web browser on the computer connected to the same network, then you view the songs you shared and then right click on any of them as shown in the image below.

8-12-2011 1-07-16 PM

Select save link as to download them to your computer as shown in the image below.

8-12-2011 1-07-16 PM

You can also change the app settings to change the http port and enable authentication so that no one else with the right username and password you have set can access and download these songs.


Key Features Of App

■ Access your device’s music library using a simple but powerful web interface, which allows you to easily select songs for downloading or playing, with instant sorting and searching.
■ Songs will have their metadata like song/artist names and cover art left intact!
■ Freely access your songs from any computer in your network. Just use any web browser and download what you want from your device.
■ Songs are extracted on the fly from your music library, without wasting your device’s limited memory. Feel free to backup your entire music library in one go!
■ Automatically generated playlists let you stream your songs wirelessly to Windows Media Player, WinAmp, iTunes, VLC, RealPlayer and many others. No AirPlay required!
■ Access to your device can be protected by username/password.
■ Universal app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.
■ Supports Bonjour integration for easy connection.
■ Works with Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

If you have any issues with Song Exporter Pro, or need additional information, like tips on how to download a large number of songs, etc., please take a look at support section:

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later..

Conclusion: This seems to be the best worth the money app to transfer your songs to your computer from your apple devices.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: $ 0.99 | Visit App Store Link To Install Songs Exporter Pro

[ This App Comes For Android – No ]


Add Widgets, Shortcuts On Android Phone Lock Screen

XDA developer, who dedicatedly work for Android OS have come up with a new lock screen for the same which is quite nice and easy to use. It is perfect for all sorts of devices and is pretty fast.

The app is not available on the Android market but its APK file is available on the developer’s website. So you will have transfer the apk file to your device first and then install it. When you start the app it will open the settings first from where you must enable it first.


Now once you have enabled it, you can lock your phone and then unlock it to see the lock screen. The screen will be brand new and fresh and supports widgets only. So you can hold the screen until the widgets window pops up.


From here you can select as many widgets as the space on the screen allows. Most importantly you must put the GWL unlock button on the screen so that you can unlock your phone.


On my lock screen I have added the android market widget, the power button widget, a battery solo widget and last but not the least the GWL unlock button. Please remember wherever you hold your finger on the screen, the widget will be added at the same place and you will not be able to place it anywhere else or drag it.


In order to remove all the widgets, since you cannot remove one by one, press the menu button and the trash bin will appear at the bottom.


Now that you know how to apply and use the app, we can now come to the settings part. As displayed in the first image, the main sections are the General settings and the Advanced settings. In general you will get to see options like use secret code, custom wallpaper, enable volume keys, and lock on calls.


The most important feature of adding a security code at the time of unlocking the phone works great. I used it myself and when tapped on the lock button, a window asking for the password appeared.


In the advanced settings you can use options like Use the force which is used to unlock the screen with the help of light sensors. The force skip option skips the original lock and uses the GWL lock screen.


When you enable the option of Use the Force, you will be able to set your level of experience of using this feature so that it could well assist you and does not bring any trouble while using the lock screen.


Conclusion: The concept is nice and works well except for crashes which happen sometimes since it is the beta stage.

Our Rating: 3.5 | Price: Free | Visit XDA Developers Link To Download Generic Widget Lockscreen Beta4.apk

[ This App Comes For iPhone – No ]


Experience Windows 7 On iPhone [For Jailbroken iPhone’s ]

Jailbreaking your iPhone does bring a lot of advantages as it enables you to tweak it as per your wish. Through Cydia you can download a number of apps and the latest to be found in the list is iWindows.

It is an emulator based on Windows 7 which gives you a feel that you are actually using Windows 7. Although it comes with limited features, it is worth downloading once.


It is an app and not a theme, so you will find it on your home screen as an icon. To start the emulator, press the icon and wait for a few seconds. It looks very much like the windows7 and even the boot screen of the latter has been copied to an extent.


Once the black screen goes off, the very familiar Welcome screen appears and it looks quite nice.


The desktop has a couple of features which completely resemble windows7. For instance , the start menu, the taskbar with a couple of icons pinned, such as the Google Chrome icon, a Notepad icon.


The start menu does not contain anything new or amazing but the same notepad and chrome icons are present in there which could also be accessed from the desktop only. The notepad is a note making app and features three font colours, red, black and green which could be changed before you start typing letters.


The browser is again very limited when it comes to features and it does not support more than open pages at the same time.


Opening a webpage could be a bit tricky since there is no button like go or anything. So to open a particular page, tab on the address bar, enter the address and then hit return button present on the keyboard and the page will load up.


The image provided below explains you what you have to search in Cydia. Go to the search section and enter iwindows without any spaces and the top result with a windows9 logo thumbnail is the emulator.


Conclusion: I like the app giving over just by its looks but when it comes to features it is a serious disappointment. But I hope you will download and try it once.

Our Rating: 2.5 | Price: Free | Visit Cydia To Install iWindows

[ This App Comes For Android – No ]


Receive Calls From Specific People On Silent Mode On Your Android Phone With Do Not Disturb You

We do go to office, we do get busy in meetings and parties and at those times we do not want to get disturbed by unwanted calls. Several apps are available which claim to block unwanted calls but it is not possible to block those numbers which are not on the blocked list. So what do we do? We out the phone on silent so that we do not have to attend any calls but at the same time we do not come to know if there is a known important call also, unless the screen is in front of us.

Do Not Disturb is a fantastic app which puts your phone on silent for a specified duration. So indirectly it does not disturb you of any unwanted rings. But what if someone important is calling? If the case is like that, you can use the inbuilt whitelist to add numbers for whom you wish to keep the phone on normal ringing mode even when for others its silent.


Initially when you open the app, you see the Add button. Press it and on the next screen add the required details so that the app could be used. On the nect screen you need to enter a label at the top and add the time during which the phone becomes silent automatically for incoming calls.


You can also set the days on which the particular setting is to be repeated by pressing the Repeat button and then selecting the days.


In  case you do want to attend calls from specific known contacts then you can hit the + sign next to EDIT WHITELIST, and from the contacts, add the required contacts.


In case you want to remove any of the contacts from the whitelist, press the – button and remove the unwanted contacts.


Once you are done with it save the profile by tapping on Done and the profile will become active from that very moment.


If you have made a couple of profiles and for some reason want to deactivate a particular profile just tap on the ON button next to it so that OFF is displayed.


App Requirements: Compatible with Android deices. Requires android 2.1 and up

Conclusion: It is a great tool to switch the phone to silent mode without blocking your important calls.

Our Rating: 5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install Do Not Disturb Trial

[ This App Comes For iPhone – No ]


Preview Photo On How It Will Look On iPhone Lockscreen Before Setting It As Wallpaper

I do click photos every time I visit an unfamiliar place so that later I can set those pictures as wallpapers on my lock screen but many a times the picture does not look as great as it should look on my lock screen. This is the point where I feel bad as I took a great picture but unfortunately it does not appeal while it is on my lock screen.

WallCamera is a great app available for apple devices which helps the user take pictures so that they perfectly suit the lock screen.


The app is amazing and uses a frame whose layout is replicated from the original lock screen and to get a perfect wallpaper for the screen one has to make sure that the picture fits in the space in the middle.


The space in between the top and bottom strips for the time and slider respectively is the region where the wallpaper is not visible and hence the remaining space between the two strips is our point of interest. So point towards an object, make sure it occupies the middle space and press the camera button to take a picture.


Pressing the i button on the main screen, takes you to the settings page which is not confusing at all. In case you own iPhone 4 or other apple devices with retina display, you can switch on the the feature of taking photos in retina display.


If one wishes to keep the original picture shot for the lock screen wallpaper, one can do that by enabling the option for keeping the original photo from the settings menu.

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch (4th generation), iPad 2 Wi-Fi, and iPad 2 Wi-Fi + 3G. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Conclusion: In all this seems to be a nicely done and simple to use application for taking perfect pictures for your lock screen

Our Rating: 3/5 | Price: Free | Visit App Store Link To Install WallCamera

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Set Photos To Appear With Text As Reminders For To Dos & Tasks On iPhone

We have been introduced to a number of reminder apps but sometimes it is still hard to remember what we thought of, a while back. Pictures are certainly more expressive than text and working around the same fact one of the developer has come up with an alternative to the typical reminder app and this new app incorporates the usefulness of pictures.

PhotoMind is an app using pictures to remind you of a pending task or important job which needs to be done. With it you click or add existing photos and then add notes to it.


The interface is as simple as it could be with a + button on the right top corner to add a reminder and an edit button on the left to delete reminders.


So how to create a reminder? Hit the + button and choose from the three different options which are Take Photo, Choose from Library and Default Image. By selecting take photo you will click a fresh picture and then add your reminder text, Choose From Library enables you to add a photo existing in your camera roll and the Default Image option adds a default image to your note.


So select or take a picture, then you will be directed to the next page which has specific sections for the added photo, reminder date and note.


Tapping on the reminder date option takes you to the screen for making any changes to the reminder date and time.


Tap on the note section at the bottom and you can add a text to be displayed at the time the reminder goes on.


The picture below will tells you the way in which it reminds you of your task. A small pop up window is displayed in the middle of the screen and when you tap on it, takes you to the actual reminder in the app so that you see the picture you added.


While creating a reminder you can also use two more options, one for Emailing the reminder along with the photo and the other to save the clicked photo in the reminder, to  your camera roll.


You can use the email option and mail the reminder to yourself or anybody else.


Default reminder settings like Automatically set the date & time and default remind time can be accessed by heading to your iPhone settings where the app will be listed as PhotoMind.


App Requirements: Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.1 or later

Conclusion: The reminder app is good as it incorporates the convenience of being reminded of something simply by looking at a picture which no other app does.

Our Rating: 3.5| Price: $1.99 | Visit Apple Store Link To Install PhotoMind

[ This App Comes For Android – No ]


Set Any Picture As Lock Screen On iPhone With Added Effects With Lockscreen+

We all love customizing our iPhone and to do so we keep changing our lockscreen wallpapers, home screen wallpapers, sliders etc. For me the lock screen wallpaper is the most important one as it is enough to impress people who, out of curiosity take a look at my phone.

Lockscreen+ is an amazing application on the apple store and is designed to customize your lockscreen, so that you can change it often and simply show off.


It is extremely simple to get your hands on it and start using it. The main interface has nothing but just one button saying New Lock Screen and a set of instruction to guide you how to do it.


So to begin with the app, open it and tap on the highlighted New Lock Screen button. It will guide you to the camera roll from where you can pick any picture of your wish and which you want to see on your lock screen.


Once you select the photo it will take you to the editing interface where you will have a set of options to apply over your existing photo. Don’t worry it won’t overwrite the effects you will apply on the original photo, so just relax and edit. Once added the photo can be upscale or downscaled by zooming in and out. Since the app is a free one, a limited number of effects are available including, changing the colour tint of the lock screen, adding texture to the picture with horizontal, vertical and inclined lines.

In the picture below I have changed the colour of the lock screen and have used the parallel line texture.


Similarly the vertical line texture can also be applied.


Lastly you can apply the inclined lines texture and these will give your photo a new look.


Once you are done adding the tint and provided effects, you can press the save button at the bottom so that the edited picture is saved in your camera roll.


The picture I have edited has looks like this. This will give you an idea how the photo looks in the camera roll.


When you put it as a wallpaper, it certainly looks nice and I find the app really cool.


If you like the free version, you can also upgrade to Pro from the main screen of the app.

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.2 or later

Conclusion: I like the functionality and ease with which you can apply these effects. I hope you like it too

Our Rating: 3.5 | Price: Free | Visit App Store Link To Install Lockscreen+

[ This App Comes For Android – No ]


Find Restaurants, Hotels Reviews Near Your Geo Location On iPhone With Getit

Getit is the latest app in the Navigation category of Apple Store and is dedicated to getting info about places in your locality. Using a comprehensive listing of all the places from categories like Hotels, Restaurants, Travel , Auto etc it gives complete information so that one could find a place of his or her choice instantly.


It searches your location using the GPS or you can manually add your state on the main screen, so that it could look for all such places that come under these above categories.


If one does not want to search by categories he or she may use the search bar present at the top and type in what one is looking for.


Interestingly the app’s search engine is quite efficient and lists all the places in the whole of the city coming under a particular category. For instance I tapped on Restaurants from the main screen and the next screen asks me to choose from the type of restaurants.


Tapping on any of the above categories shows the list of all the restaurants under the same and further you can do a lot more things like calling on place’s landline number by tapping on the green phone icon and one can even add a particular place to its favorites by hitting the red button next to the green one.


One might like getting complete information about a place, he or she can tap on the name from the list and get the address, contact number, mailing address, location on Map, directions to that place and also can add to the favorites list.


In order to get the location of the very place on the Map, tap on the globe button present right above the list on the right side.


Sometimes people do want to know more about a particular place. As an example you might want to know the the features, services , meal price and last order or booking time of a particular restaurant, you can use the refine button on the top of the restaurant list and further filter your search.


You can filter by features like air conditioned, credit cards accepted, music, happy hours etc. One may also look for the desired services from the services menu.


You may also want to know the cost per meal for two, and you can also refine it by specifying the limit or range of your spending.


Similarly you can look for the last order or booking time and filter your search accordingly.


If you want to search as per your region in a particular city, tap on Locations and then you can sort according to the zones in which your city has been divided.


App Requirements: Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later

Conclusion: I believe the information that this app provides about your locality is simply amazing and you can look for almost anything.

Our Rating: 4/5| Price: Free | Visit Apple Store Link To Install Getit Local Search

[ This App Comes For Android – No ]


Remote Control, Use Your Mac Or Windows Computer With iPhone Screen

The market is booming and there is no end to the list of smartphones who are capable enough to replace your home computers but still computers have their own place and I believe its not easy to replace them. Many programs or files are still exclusive to the computers only and cannot be opened on any of your smartphones. But what if you could actually access your computer and even operate it simply by using your iPhone?

iTeleport is a utility available on Apple Store which makes it possible to open your desktop from anywhere in the world and also supports all the resolution figures.


The app is very simple to set up and for that you just need to enter your Gmail username and password on the first screen.


Once you enter the details, the app will ask you if you are using a Mac or Windows computer so that it can assist you further.


Since most of the users do belong to the Windows fraternity so I will explain you how to setup the app on the same. As you have already entered your credentials on the app, now you will have to download the desktop client from its website. Install it and then again you will have to enter your Gmail details on the desktop program and hit the connect button at the bottom. See the image below.

iTeleport iPhone

Once you hit connect you are ready to rerun the android app on your device. Start it and you will see your computer in the online list and to connect you just need to tap on it.


Once connected the interface will look like the image below and interestingly the app is tremendously responsive and while you the mouse pointer on your phone, at the same time the pointer moves on your desktop without any lag.


The interface could be run in both portrait and landscape mode but in order to fit the whole desktop screen on the iPhone landscape view is recommended otherwise you will have scroll throughout the screen to find what you need. So by the app you can do anything on your computer the only difference lies in the fact that now you control it through your apple device. The first X button is to close the connection, the second is the settings button with which you can lock rotation, you can enable disable touchscreen mode, invert mouse etc and can also send a screenshot to your email by hitting Save Screen.


Using the middle key on the top of the screen, you can access navigation buttons and other buttons like esc, back, space, tab on the first pop up window.


You can scroll through either side to access other buttons like, ctrl, cut, copy, quit, ctrl alt delete, alt tab etc. Continue scrolling and you can also see the F button series, F1, F2 etc and the whole numeric pad also.


This way you can access your own computer on Local Network and also from remote network and therefore open documents, applications and perform a number of tasks.

Key Features Of iTeleport

* Control any application on your Mac or Windows PC desktop from anywhere in the world
* Visit Flash-based websites from your iPhone (video/audio streaming is not supported)
* Access your computer’s files from anywhere
* Advance PowerPoint slides while reading your presenter notes
* Control your media player from anywhere
* Use your iPhone as a wireless touchpad + keyboard + media remote
* If you’re parent, watch over your child’s online behavior to make sure they’re safe
* Supports Ctrl-Alt-Del and other combination keystrokes
* Supports Mac (Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger, Vine Server) and all Windows editions (with free VNC servers: TightVNC, UltraVNC, and RealVNC). Also supports Linux VNCServer and Vino, as well as AMX Touchscreen Interfaces.
* SSH Encryption support for all platforms. For details, visit
* Supports VPN-based encryption
* Bluetooth keyboard support
* Supports VGA out (requires iOS 3.2 or higher)

App Requirements: Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

Conclusion: It was a great experience accessing my computer using my apple device and trust me you will love it too as it will do all sorts of tasks via your device.

Our Rating: 4.5| Price: $24.99 | Visit Apple Store Link To Install iTeleport

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Modify, Add Preset Effects On Camera Pictures On Android Phone

When it comes to apps that let us add cool effects to our pictures, there are many options but according to me, today’s app is the best one so far. Magic Hour Free is the latest app to add cool effects to your shots at the time you take it and one can also perform some nice filtering over those freshly clicked pictures.


Before I start with the app let me tell you that it is a free version of the app, so features like the Photo Album and a few others are not available on it and if you find the app really interesting, then you can buy the paid one from Android Market. The main screen has five buttons, the Take Photo, Photo Album, Manage Filters, the settings button on the right side in the middle and the Filter Market Go button at the bottom.

Starting with the settings first, we have options like take photo at the time the app starts, enabling guides, saving location, saving directory path, image size, and sharing options for twitter, facebook and a few other websites.


Press the take photo button and after making changes to focus and flash options, you take a picture. The moment you do it, the app will take you to the favorites page with all the 40 awesome filters waiting to be added to your picture. You can scroll through all the filters and add any of your choice. Interestingly you can also create your own filter by hitting Make Your Own Filter button at the bottom. In my case I went with the latter and created my own filter and the option lets you do literally anything with your photo.


As I hit the make your own filter button, I was taken to another screen where there are some nice modifications which you can adopt. On the top you have the back button undo button and the Black and White, button which changes a coloured image to black and white. At the bottom, the Curves option lets you change the overall contrast and brightness of the photo. Through Adjust you can manually change the contrast, brightness and saturation of the picture.


Through the Vignette option you can add a blur effect to the surroundings and can also increase or decrease the intensity of the effect by moving the slider. You also get a number of blur shapes to add.


Via Texture option, as the word says a texture could be added to the photo and once again you can change the intensity and choose from a number of textures.


From the last Frames button, some nice photo frames can be applied.


Once you are done adding the effects, hit done and option for saving the filter, sharing the photo and saving will appear on the screen. You can also go back to the original photo by hitting the Original button with a reverse arrow.


So as far as taking pictures and adding filters are concerned, I have explained you each bit. Now let us come to the management part by hitting the Manage Filters button from the main screen. Here you have a number of sections like Favorites, Presets, My FIlters and Download. Favorite keeps all the 40 preset filtes in the list so that you can add any but if you want only a selected number, you can delete filters by simply tapping on them.


The preset is the list will all the 40 filters which can be added or removed from the favorites list by tapping on the star next to them.


My filters contains the filters that you create and save when you edit pictures on your own. The Download section contains all the downloaded filters which could be downloaded from the Filter Market option, present on the main screen or you can tap on the drop down button next to the Manage Filters button present in the middle at the top, and the select Filter market.


App Requirements: Compatible with Android deices. Requires android 2.1 & Up

Conclusion: It certainly does wonder to the pictures you take and it’s a must one.

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install Magic Hour Free

[ This App Comes For iPhone – Yes, Visit Apple Store Link To Download ]