Perfect Keyboard An Amazing Alternative To Your Stock Android Keyboard

We have been using the same old Android stock keyboard for quite some while now and certainly the time has come for a changeover. Perfect Keyboard is a must have android keyboard alternative available on the android market and imparts the ability to do a lot of customization with immense convenience. Now typing would no more be a tedious job.


The main screen has some options which are only needed once, like enabling Perfect keyboard, switching to perfect keyboard, sharing it on tweeter, facebook, email etc and removing it from the app drawer. You can enable it and then switch to it so that you don’t have to use the stock keyboard. Initially you will have to enable it which you can do either from the app’s interface or by going to settings<language and keyboard settings.


After you are done with enabling and witching to the new keyboard, you can take a look at it by long pressing the menu button on the home screen or anywhere.


Now that you are all done, you must start customizing it so that it suits your needs and likes. Go to the settings of the app to access a host of features available which eventually will let you explore the same.


The first word suggestion settings gives you the power to use features like touch to correct words, auto capitalization, quick fixes, show suggestions, auto complete etc, which are also available in the stock .


The next which is vibrate and sound enables the user to activate vibration and sound and even select the intensity. You can also switch the pop on keypress feature on, which pops the a particular character when you press it.


Coming to layout now which is the most important feature of the app, you can simply do amazing customizations on the keyboard. Options like horizontal layout, vertical layout, landscape layout, portrait layout contain a number of sub-options which will help you personalize as per your convenience. Through horizontal layout, you can change the key height, row gap, text size, bottom padding and arrows keys height, so that all the keys fit your fingers and typing becomes easier.


Similarly you can do with the vertical layout so that it suits your preferences. In portrait layout, you can change it to normal, T9 and compact.


From landscape layout you can switch to normal view, which is the conventional one, or to split view which is an impressive feature as it splits the keyboard into three sections with the first and third one for alphabets and other characters and the middle one for numbers.


You can also enable the feature to show the settings key on the keyboard so that you can access the same anytime to make required changes. The settings key will be next to the mic key.


Tweaks is an option on the app’s settings, on entering which you will find a number of small yet useful tweaks to perform. It includes show touch points, enable debug logs, set long press delay, enable no landscape full screen option where the keyboard does not go full screen on switching to landscape mode, enable portrait full screen where you can switch to full screen keyboard even in portrait mode, access number keypad by 123 key and a number of other features.


Another very cool feature is where the app auto enters the domain for incomplete addresses. Also you can access all the domains instantly by long pressing the / key.


App Requirements: Compatible with Android deices. Requires android 2.2 and up.

Conclusion: All in all it is a brilliant piece of work which is way beyond our expectations in terms of productivity and I personally recommend you to download it. In case you like to try out other features like keyboard themes and domain editing etc, you can switch to the paid version.

Our Rating: 4| Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install Perfect Keyboard Free

[ This app comes for iPhone – No ]

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