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Photo4id Assists You in Taking Passport and Visa Photos

To adhere by each and every terms and requirements of services is not at all that easy. And when it comes to passports and visas, government strict to the conditions like iron and magnet. Any deviation from the listed rules and you are nearly busted.

When it comes to appropriate pictures for passports and visas, anyone can go through mental trauma to meet their requirements. Here is a free app called Photo4id which assists you, and assists you merrily, in taking pictures which imply the conditions for passports and visas of your country.

Getting Started

You start by choosing your country. And then choose the purpose of the photograph. i.e. OCI, Passport, or Visa. Then you will be told about which background to use. In Indian scenario, its white. Then you are advised to wear dark clothes. And then finally a suggestion which indicates not to show your teeth in the snap.



Once you are done with the instructions, you are ready to snap a picture. The app also assists you by giving a boundary on your camera screen, in which you are required to fit it.


Biometric Marker Technology

Once you snapped a picture of yourself, you will be required to mark the biometric characteristic like eyes, chin-point etc. With this the app claims it calculates the exact size and position of the head.


Automated Background Color

Once you marked your biometric characteristics, the app will automatically change the background (if you already don’t have the required color) to the specified color by the country.


Sharing Options

Now the photo is ready. The app offers you myriad of options afterwards. You can either take a print, or email it to an id, or even save it on the device. While saving, you can give the photo is own file name. say your PAN Card number or SSN.



Photo4id does a pretty decent job in obtaining a photo which adheres by every specifications. Right now the app is only available for App Store so in that case Android users are going to be disappointed. But still as they say, anything but android doesn’t lack apps. You can try Passport photo app to take photos for Visas and passport on your Android device as well.

Download : Photo4id | App Store (Free)

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