Play Audio, Video On Your Android Phone Via WiFi Network Streaming With Air Playit

Air Playit is a wonderful application that lets you stream video and audio on your apple device over Wi-fi and 3G/4G. The brilliance lies in the fact that it acts like a personal cloud server and lets you stream songs and videos on the go. A while back the company had released an HD version for iPad whose review you can read here. As expected and eagerly awaited, the Air Playit android version is out and is in the beta stage. So if you are excited and want to install it right away, you will have to go to the official website where the download ink is provided and it is not available on Android Market yet.

To use the application on your android phone, you will need to create a server either local or remote. Whichever computer you wish to use as a server must have Air Playit client installed on it which is also available on the official webpage. After downloading and installing the app on your android device and the Windows or Mac client on your computer, open the computer client first. As you can see in the image below you have a Server name at the top while a couple of sections like information, permission, shared folders etc follow at the bottom.

Air playIt Android

Now go to shared folders and you will see that your default My Videos directory, present in My Documents, is already shared.

Air playIt Android 1

To add a new folder consisting of songs or videos click on Add Folder from the bottom. Now browse to the desired folder, give it a Sharing name and press OK. This way you can add as many folders as you want.

Air playIt Android 2

Now it is time to configure your Android device in order to play the songs and videos present on the server, wirelessly. Open the app on your android device and depending on the server you have created, choose from Add Local Server or Add Remote Server.

Air playIt Android  4

Under the configure section, you will get a screen where you will have manually enter the Server name, IP address, Port, Pin and other details. The IP address and port as well as the Pin is available in the Air Playit desktop client. Look at the first image of this post and you will see the Information section which has the IP address and the Port. The Server name is given at the top of the program while the PIN/passcode is available under the Permissions Tab(next to information). This way you can collect all the information and then enter the same under the configure section and finally press Join.

Air playIt Android 6

See in the image below and you will notice that instead of Add Local Server, now I have Air Playit Server, the one that I have added recently.

Air playIt Android 8

You can now see all the songs and videos shared on the server by tapping on the name and stream them on the go.

Air playIt Android 7

App Requirements: Compatible with android devices..

Conclusion: I love this app as I have used it on iPad but since it’s a beta android version, it might lag a bit at times. But it is worth a download.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free | Visit Official Website Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For iOS – Yes, Download It From Here ]

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