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Play Music, Videos, And Slideshows on PC Stored on Android Phone Through Wifi

You must have come across plenty of android applications which let you play music and video files present on your personal computer, on your android device. In fact such applications have become quite common, but what is still not common is to play video and music files in the opposite order – playing video and audio from your android device to your personal computer.

There are only a handful of applications that let you do so, and finding the best piece of the lot is quite tricky. One of the best applications,according to us, is the VLC Direct Pro is available on the Google Play store, and lets you play music, videos, and picture slideshows right on your personal computer, from your android device.

To understand how to use the VLC Direct Pro, follow the steps listed below:

1. You must download VLC Direct Pro from Google Play store and the best part is that it comes for free.

(Before moving ahead with the setup, make sure you have VLC player installed on your computer)

2. Once you have ensured that VLC is installed on your computer, launch the VLC Direct Pro app on your device. The app will display a pop up message with a link to VLCDIRECT.BAT file which needs to be installed on your computer. You can also email the link to yourself by clicking the Send Me The Email By Mail button.


3. After installing the bat file on your PC, launch VLC and now you may press done (see the image above). The app will scan for any active connections and as soon as it connects to the desktop VLC, you will see a Connected notification like in the image below.

VLC audio video streaming android 1

4. Get back to the app now, and get familiar with the interface. There are four sections – Video, Audio, PC, and VLC Queue list. If you are on the Video tab, navigate to the SD card folder that contains videos and tapping on any will immediately play the same on your desktop (playing videos requires some effort from user’s end). The next tab contains the audio files of your device, and you can tap on any to play it on the desktop.


The third tab, with a Mac image, lets you access the files present on your computer. So you play a media file present on your computer directly from here. Under the last tab, with the VLC logo, you can queue your favorite folders and the files contained will be played in continuation.


NOTE: In case the app does not connect or detect the VLC player on your desktop, you should try installing the BAT file (downloaded in step 2) once again, and hopefully it will work.


With VLC Direct Pro you can open audio, video, and even image files from your android, on your personal pc. Moreover, you can also access files present on the desktop and play them. The only disappointing thing is the app’s interface which is not neat and a little inconvenient too. But considering the price, which is free, it is a great app to try.

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