Play, View Flash Videos, Games Other Active Flash Content On Your iPhone Without Jailbreaking With Cloud Browse App

Smart phones like iPhone and android do make your life easier when it comes to performing daily chores but all such phones have their weak points. For instance take the iPhone which does not support flash content irrespective of the browser you are using. Whether it’s the stock Safari browser or the Opera, no one can access flash files and therefore leave the user disappointed.

Cloud Browse is a new browser app for apple devices which readily provides access to flash related content. Although it lags a bit while you scroll it in the zoomed in state, the app will serve the purpose of watching flash content such as videos etc at the touch of your finger.


The interface and design is similar to a typical computer browser and with no surprise it works in a similar way too. The application is nice but unfortunately ,for a free user it is available for a limited period of time only. Initially it connects to a server and then one can use it for a few minutes after which it disconnects, but can be connected again. If you become a premium user by shedding a few more money from your pockets then one can avoid such interruptions.


On the very interface one sees five small buttons. The first two with right and left directions lets the user to go back and forward to previous or the next page. The button with a keyboard opens the keyboard which gets a few more buttons than the stock one to enhance the functionality of the app. On opening the keyboard you would see a tab button, along with four navigation keys and a done button. The tab works in a similar way as your computer keyboard Tab key works. The four direction buttons are provided to navigate between the text.


The web option which is the third button from the left lets you search locations and also websites through the integrated search engine. So in order to do it, just tap on web, type in the location or the website you want to search and hit Go, at the bottom.


The fifth button with a thumbnail of a couple of windows placed back to back, is actually the option to view the number of simultaneous pages one has opened. It is the similar one as seen in safari as the right most option. In my case as seen in the image below, I have one page opened of appstouse and one can also delete or remove a page from there itself by tapping on the red button provided.


The last and final part is the settings which gives you an overview about how the app works. I will also tell you the supported gestures and their result.

  • Tapping twice quickly works like the double click of a mouse on PC.
  • Scrolling is simple as you do with just one finger being swiped from top to bottom or left to right.
  • To zoom in one has to do it as he or she does while zooming in pictures with two fingers.
  • For a right click one has to tap two fingers at the same time
  • To copy paste one can select the text and from the edit menu, can copy it and it a similar way can paste it. It also supports clipboard


Lastly one can create a premium account if he or she wishes to use the app on a regular basis and likes it.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3 or later.

Conclusion: For running flash content like videos, games etc it is the best browser app but lacks the trait of free persistent sessions

Our Rating: 3/5 | Price: $2.99 | Visit App Store Link To Install Cloud Browse

[ This App Comes For Android – Not Required and Android already supports Flash ]

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