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Play Youtube Videos In Small Floating Window Over Other Apps

Samsung is one of the brands which has been exploring android for quite a while now but rather than keeping it simple and original, it has taken the operating system to the next level. The most recent advancement or I would rather say modification, that Samsung has brought to the OS is the multi-tasking feature. In simple words, one can use two applications simultaneously, positioned in the upper and lower half of the screen, and this drastically reduces the user effort.

For Youtube lovers, the pop up player is of utter advantage as while browsing or typing a message or taking notes, you can watch youtube videos in a pop up window. Being a high end Android device possessor myself, it really made me think why can’t I enjoy youtube videos without having to buy Samsung device. If you really think like me and want to flaunt your device while watching youtube videos in a small window, without installing any multi tasking hacks, then I have a working solution for you.

How To Watch Youtube Videos In A Floating Window On Any Android Device

Step 1: The very first step is to actually install an application from the Play Store called Floating YouTube Popup Video. It is available for free so you do not have to worry about spending even a single penny.


Step 2: The next step is to open the official YouTube application and open a video that you wish to watch in a floating window. Here in the image below i have opened a video in landscape mode, but you can open the video in portrait mode too.


Step 3: Now tap on the Share button which is the second button from the left (starting from the end of the title). When you hit the share button a number of options appear. Scroll down to the bottom until you see the Floating Youtube Player icon (look in the image below). Lastly, tap on it.


Step 4: Immediately as you tap on the icon, the Youtube app will minimize and will be replaced by a small floating window. The window can be dragged and resized (using two fingers) as per your requirement and the screen size. As visible in the image below, i am using the default browser and the Youtube video is playing in the window floating right above the browser interface.


From the floating window itself, one can forward or rewind the video, switch HD on and off and even open the video back in the Youtube app by tapping on the button present on the top right corner.


The app is a smart alternative to the Samsung pop up Youtube video feature and works pretty well. If the window had a Youtube search feature, it would have been a great app altogether. But considering the fact that it does its job pretty well and is available for free, the app is a must have on your device.

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