Quick Fast Update Facebook Status From iPhone

Yes, this another article from the series of article where we tell you how to update various social networking websites faster way from your iphone, previously we talked about how you can post on twitter faster and today we are going to talk about quick post updates on facebook form iphone.

After doing an extensive research on this we found out several ways for fastest way to post on facebook with different apps for those having non jailbroken apps and for those who have jailbroken iphones there are some good cydia tweaks.

For Non Jailbroken iPhones

To start, first we are going to talk about Quick Status which is one the most simplest way to update facebook or twitter or both from iphone quickly and easily. You can type a status and post it a little later, you can post to the music track you are listening to or share your current geo location.

Another one called Duo [ Free ]  app which allows you to quickly post on facebook or twitter just after launching the app, this app just has one single screen which get connected to facebook or twitter account at one time and then it works smoothly.

Simple Updates [$0.99] on the other hand allows you to post multiple updates one by one at more speed than you can imagine. It enables you to quickly update your facebook news with ease. Built to be an extremely simple and light weight app to allow you to focus and fire off quick updates without the need to wait for the page to load. Update your news without distractions.

Simple Updates For Fast Updates On Facebook

Quick Post [$0.99]is another great app which allows you to quickly post an update to Facebook or a tweet on Twitter and send an E-Mail with one tap. Its that easy! So no more struggling through all your pages of apps to find that specific social networking app.

Post Quick

NOTE: Make sure you have the free official Facebook app installed on your device for certain features to operate.

Quick Post is similar app which is free as well, its very simple as it quickly loads, enables all your default services, and allows you to quickly select others. Type in your message and hit "Post" and all your selected accounts are updated as shown in the image below.

quick post iphone to facebook

Wordout for Facebook & Twitter allows you to post to your Facebook account and multiple Twitter accounts simultaneously, with more services in the pipeline. We’re your one stop shop for getting your word out to the masses as shown in the image below.

wordout for facebook and twitter

Worried about your data usage? WordOut doesn’t load your friend feeds or statuses, so you can be confident that you’re using the least amount of data possible. Ideal for minimizing your data roaming charges when abroad.

For Jailbroken iPhones

For jailbroken iphone both tweeting and updating facebook can be more faster than ones which are not jailbroken, as in on an iphone which is jailbroken you don’t have to launch an app to update facebook or twitter, you can do it just by using simple gestures to activate some apps UI just by tapping on status bar or press and hold of home button and so on using activator.

Fusion is one such app which cost you around $2 on cydia, found under bigboss repository. It allows you to post on facebook, twitter, myspace and foursquare all from one place and you can activate or launch using activator at a specific gesture. 


TwitkaFly For Facebook Plugin for $.0.99 which comes both of facebook and twitter, for twitter it comes with a name of Twitkafly you will first need to buy TwitkaFly for $1.99 and then you can buy the facebook plugin. You can see the video below to see things in action.

Related If you really a great twitter addict too, you should watch the video below to see how you can use Twitkafly for twitter.

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