Prevent iAds Loading In iPhone, iPad With Disable iAds [Cydia]

Apple provides some of the best products and services in the world but there are still a couple of annoyances which are hard to ignore. iAds which is not an old feature has been helping advertisers to reach a larger users base but at the same time, they are also found to be very irritating.

It has happened a number of times with me when i was playing a game and when i was about to press a specific button, the ads pop up from somewhere and by mistake i press the same. Immediately they would open a new page in the browser and make me discontinue the game which is certainly not desired.

If you have a jailbroken iPhone then we have found a very good solution to this advertisement problem. Disable iAds is an interesting small tweak available on Cydia and efficiently disables the advertisements on your Apple device. To download the same one will have to add a new repository to your Cydia app.

If one is familiar about how to add a new repository then it is certainly good but for all those who are still struggling with using Cydia and adding a new source repository, we will give you a quick tutorial on how to do it.


First open Cydia and from the tabs at the bottom tap on Manage.


Now tap on Sources and on the next window hit the edit button on the top right corner. After hitting Edit, the Manage button on the left will be replaced by Add button.


Now press add and type in the URL and hit Add Source. Now a black screen will pop up and Cydia will download all the needed resources. Once it is done a Return To Cydia button will appear at the bottom of the black screen which you have to press in order to come back to the main app.


Now in the Search section of Cydia search the keyword Disable iAds and you can install the tweak now.


I hope the small tweak ensures that the advertisements don’t bother you any more.

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