Print, Create PDF File Of Webpages, Emails On iPhone or iPad Without Any Physical Printer Required

We all know there are some very popular file formats which we use in our day to day use of computers but many a times it is difficult to open the same on our smart phones. So to resort the same problem we normally convert them tot PDF files as these are supported on almost every smart phone. With this capability one can create PDFs of important pages and can read them on the go but the problem is that you need to  transfer the same to your phone first.

Print To PDF is an amazing app available on Apple store and lets you convert emails and webpages to PDF files directly from your phone. It works great and has some really cool features as well.


The interface is simple with sections like Saved emails where the PDF files of emails will be saved, Saved webpages where web pages as PDFs will be saved and lastly the other prints. You also have the about section and settings option at the bottom. How it works? It uses the default Print feature of your iDevice and then instead of actually printing them, saves them as PDF files.

How to use it? Before you start trying this app, let me inform you that the app only works when it is open in the background. In short your device must support multitasking. Let us start using the app now. To create a PDF of an email, first open the same using the stock mail app.


Now press the back button which is glowing in the above picture. When you open it an set of options will appear.


On the next page the printing preferences page will appear and on that very page press on the Printer option to select the default printer. If the app is running in background, Print to PDF name will appear in the printer section which you must select now.


After doing so just return to the previous page and hit print.


When the page has been saved, a notification will appear from where you can view the saved page.


When you hit View, the app will open the same PDF. Here on the page, you can press the A button on the top to view the same as plain text or you can use the arrow next to A to email or rename the file.


A similar procedure is to be followed when you want to save webpages as PDFs. Open a webpage in Safari and using the middle button at the bottom, open the options menu. From here you have to select Print again.


Again you have to open the Printer section and select Print To PDF, which you have already done while converting emails to PDF.


It will notify you again and you can view the page then. To give you an example of how the PDF will look like, see the image below. The appstouse homepage here has been successfully saved as a PDF file and is also divided into three pages which you can view one by one by swiping your finger.


For the purpose of managing your PDF docs, you can open the app and select Saved Emails or Saved Webpages to view the list and then and then press the small button on the right bottom to get options like delete and move.


To create your own folders, instead of hitting the right button at the bottom of the list, hit the left button and then give your new folder a name.


Under the settings option on the main screen of the app, it also has the capability to accept print PDF docs from other Apple Devices present on the same wifi network which is really cool.


IMPORTANT NOTE: This app is NOT compatible with iPhone 3G and iTouch 1st and 2nd generation

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.2 or later

Conclusion: It’s a wonderful app and is really useful at times when you want to save a page and then email or read it later. You must try this

Our Rating: 4.5 | Price: $3.99 | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For Android – No ]

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