Quickly Capture Photo With IPhone In Single Tap or Touch

As per most of the users who reported about the delay while capturing a photo with iPhone, as for most of us who use iPhone the default camera app really takes ages some time to actually start and then to take the photo.


There are can be several ways to overcome the problem of slow camera on iPhone, some of them are mentioned below.

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Now in case you actually want to capture a photo from iPhone, you can use a third party camera apps for iPhone but in case you don’t want to use the third party camera apps you can do this with a application called QuickShot which is again not free but not much costly either as it comes for $0.99

QuickShot for iPhone

In order to take a picture using this app, you just need to tap the app icon on the home screen and it will launch the default camera app on iPhone will take a picture and save it to camera roll under photos on iPhone and quit itself. This app is compatible for both iPad and iPhone.

With this application you can take an instant photo shot within a second without opening your camera app. When you touch the icon, your picture will be taken instantly and the app will close by itself. You can adjust the resolution of the captured images under settings >> quickshot


Or specify other camera related options like click sound, auto focus, notification etc


What We Did Not Like About This App

One thing we did not liked about this app is that it does not show you the preview of what is being captured by the camera on iPhone, you will only get to know after the picture is captured as it will show black screen while capturing the photo so you really don’t have any idea what is missing out or being captured unless its taken as photo and save in camera roll.

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