Receive Calls From Specific People On Silent Mode On Your Android Phone With Do Not Disturb You

We do go to office, we do get busy in meetings and parties and at those times we do not want to get disturbed by unwanted calls. Several apps are available which claim to block unwanted calls but it is not possible to block those numbers which are not on the blocked list. So what do we do? We out the phone on silent so that we do not have to attend any calls but at the same time we do not come to know if there is a known important call also, unless the screen is in front of us.

Do Not Disturb is a fantastic app which puts your phone on silent for a specified duration. So indirectly it does not disturb you of any unwanted rings. But what if someone important is calling? If the case is like that, you can use the inbuilt whitelist to add numbers for whom you wish to keep the phone on normal ringing mode even when for others its silent.


Initially when you open the app, you see the Add button. Press it and on the next screen add the required details so that the app could be used. On the nect screen you need to enter a label at the top and add the time during which the phone becomes silent automatically for incoming calls.


You can also set the days on which the particular setting is to be repeated by pressing the Repeat button and then selecting the days.


In  case you do want to attend calls from specific known contacts then you can hit the + sign next to EDIT WHITELIST, and from the contacts, add the required contacts.


In case you want to remove any of the contacts from the whitelist, press the – button and remove the unwanted contacts.


Once you are done with it save the profile by tapping on Done and the profile will become active from that very moment.


If you have made a couple of profiles and for some reason want to deactivate a particular profile just tap on the ON button next to it so that OFF is displayed.


App Requirements: Compatible with Android deices. Requires android 2.1 and up

Conclusion: It is a great tool to switch the phone to silent mode without blocking your important calls.

Our Rating: 5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install Do Not Disturb Trial

[ This App Comes For iPhone – No ]

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