Record Audio, Voice On Android Phone With Voice Recorder

Previously we made a post on how to use the built-in Voice Memos app on iPhone for recording and sending audio clips. Today we will review a similar app on the Android OS. Known as Voice Recorder, the app is dedicated to recording audio.

The app has been designed very neatly and the interface is very user friendly and contains just one button. Yes a single big Record button which when hit, immediately starts recording a clip and saves it to your SD card.


Press the record button and the app starts its job and the record button then transforms into a Stop button. When you have recorded the needful hit the stop button and a small pop-up window will appear. Here you can add a title to your image and also choose whether you want to save the app or save and send.


When you press the save button only, the clip is saved and an entry for the same appears just below the Record button. If you press save and send then the app saves the clip and at the same time opens a few option so that you can forward your clip via bluetooth, email, etc.


To play a clip directly from the list long press the same and if you want some additional options then tap on the clip once. Here again you can play, send , edit the title, delete and even set the clip as ringtone.


The same clip can be set as Phone or Notification ringtone from the Ringtone option.


Coming to the set of options the app features, you can press the menu key and a small window appears at the bottom containing Search, Delete/Sync, Time Recording, preferences option.


Under the preferences section you can enable or disable, auto volume settings, Non-stop recording, hide voice data option, set Subject and To for mailing option etc.


With Timer Recording you can schedule a recording that and at your desired time the app will start recording the audio. It also lets you set the duration of the recording in advance.


Under delete and sync section we have Delete Selection and Data Synchronization. With the latter the app scans your SD card and creates a list of all the recording which you can see in a list.


For deleting multiple clips at the same time, hit Delete Selection and check the boxes for the corresponding clips.


The app also features a small widget which can be placed on the homescreen and used to toggle record and stop. It also shows the duration of the clip.

App Requirements: Requires Android 1.5 & Up

Conclusion: Good work from the developers but i wish the voice quality to be better.

Our Rating: 3.5/5| Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install The App

[ This app comes for iPhone – No, Use Voice Memos Built-in App On iPhone ]

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Hello Chris,
The data sync feature reads previously recorded files present on your SD card. Suppose you have saved a couple of recordings on your phone, then for some reason you uninstall the app but you do not change your SD card. Now when you reinstall the app after a while(days/months) just use the data sync feature and it will retrieve all those saved recording. Try it

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