Remote Control, Use Your Mac Or Windows Computer With iPhone Screen

The market is booming and there is no end to the list of smartphones who are capable enough to replace your home computers but still computers have their own place and I believe its not easy to replace them. Many programs or files are still exclusive to the computers only and cannot be opened on any of your smartphones. But what if you could actually access your computer and even operate it simply by using your iPhone?

iTeleport is a utility available on Apple Store which makes it possible to open your desktop from anywhere in the world and also supports all the resolution figures.


The app is very simple to set up and for that you just need to enter your Gmail username and password on the first screen.


Once you enter the details, the app will ask you if you are using a Mac or Windows computer so that it can assist you further.


Since most of the users do belong to the Windows fraternity so I will explain you how to setup the app on the same. As you have already entered your credentials on the app, now you will have to download the desktop client from its website. Install it and then again you will have to enter your Gmail details on the desktop program and hit the connect button at the bottom. See the image below.

iTeleport iPhone

Once you hit connect you are ready to rerun the android app on your device. Start it and you will see your computer in the online list and to connect you just need to tap on it.


Once connected the interface will look like the image below and interestingly the app is tremendously responsive and while you the mouse pointer on your phone, at the same time the pointer moves on your desktop without any lag.


The interface could be run in both portrait and landscape mode but in order to fit the whole desktop screen on the iPhone landscape view is recommended otherwise you will have scroll throughout the screen to find what you need. So by the app you can do anything on your computer the only difference lies in the fact that now you control it through your apple device. The first X button is to close the connection, the second is the settings button with which you can lock rotation, you can enable disable touchscreen mode, invert mouse etc and can also send a screenshot to your email by hitting Save Screen.


Using the middle key on the top of the screen, you can access navigation buttons and other buttons like esc, back, space, tab on the first pop up window.


You can scroll through either side to access other buttons like, ctrl, cut, copy, quit, ctrl alt delete, alt tab etc. Continue scrolling and you can also see the F button series, F1, F2 etc and the whole numeric pad also.


This way you can access your own computer on Local Network and also from remote network and therefore open documents, applications and perform a number of tasks.

Key Features Of iTeleport

* Control any application on your Mac or Windows PC desktop from anywhere in the world
* Visit Flash-based websites from your iPhone (video/audio streaming is not supported)
* Access your computer’s files from anywhere
* Advance PowerPoint slides while reading your presenter notes
* Control your media player from anywhere
* Use your iPhone as a wireless touchpad + keyboard + media remote
* If you’re parent, watch over your child’s online behavior to make sure they’re safe
* Supports Ctrl-Alt-Del and other combination keystrokes
* Supports Mac (Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard, Tiger, Vine Server) and all Windows editions (with free VNC servers: TightVNC, UltraVNC, and RealVNC). Also supports Linux VNCServer and Vino, as well as AMX Touchscreen Interfaces.
* SSH Encryption support for all platforms. For details, visit
* Supports VPN-based encryption
* Bluetooth keyboard support
* Supports VGA out (requires iOS 3.2 or higher)

App Requirements: Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.0 or later

Conclusion: It was a great experience accessing my computer using my apple device and trust me you will love it too as it will do all sorts of tasks via your device.

Our Rating: 4.5| Price: $24.99 | Visit Apple Store Link To Install iTeleport

[ This App Comes For Android – No ]

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