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Remove Location Services Arrow Icon In iPhone Status Bar

Some of my friends reported about an issues they were facing on their iphone running iOS 5 or later, as per their description they said they were seeing the purple arrow in the top status bar on iphone, In this post we will tell you how to remove location services arrow icon in iphone status bar. For those who don’t know this arrow is a indication on location services being used by some application running on your iphone and its making some use of location services. Some of the iphone users were so much annoyed by this symbol that they wanted to get it removed anyway possible.

Remove Location Services Arrow Icon In iPhone Status Bar

As per iOS 5 specifications Location Services allows location-dependent apps and websites (including Maps, Camera, Safari, and other Apple and third-party apps) to use information from cellular, Wi-Fi1, and Global Positioning System (GPS) networks to determine your approximate location. So on iphone there might some app use your location data and location search query to help you find nearby coffee shops or theaters, or your device may set its time zone automatically based on your current location.

In order to allow any application to use location services on your iphone, you will need to manually allow that app use the location services under Settings >> Location Services as shown in the image below.


As some people say in their own words unless they disable location services completely the gps arrow or location wont go away and does not hide itself, after some searching I found that some people suggested killing all the applications running in background may remove the arrow as then there will be no application running in background which could potentially use location services resulting in location services arrow to disappear from status bar on iphone. But the actual result was different as even after killing all apps on iphone location arrow was still there shown as purple arrow.

Now after some hit and trail methods I came to know how to get rid of location arrow in top status bar, I went to Location services under settings and scrolled down to look for the applications with arrow symbol the ones with gray arrow were now using the location services so that gps arrow was not because of them but the there was one application which was not even running but displaying the purple arrow I disabled the location services access only for that app and the location arrow disappeared as shown in the images below.

With Location Arrow


Without Location Arrow


As you can see the app here which was causing this to appear was iVoiceRemind which was some how using the location services. 

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