Remove Spotlight Search and Add Web Search Browser On iPhone

Spotlight search is a great feature since from there one can not only search for installed apps which he or she is not able to locate on the springboard but also the internet for a specific word or website.

The latest tweak in Cydia which we are going to talk about is quite unique as it replaces the spotlight search page with a lightweight browser. Though the number of features that you get in Safari are not present in this small browser but since you can access webpages quickly from here with this new tweak, it is worth downloading.

To download the tweak search WebSpot in Cydia.


You will have to configure the app before you can use it so head to the stock iPhone settings after installing the tweak.


Under the tweak’s settings you will have a couple of toggles and a Webpage URL section. Under UI setup you have toggle for enabling disabling the address bar and toolbar. I suggest you should enable both these for better control over this browser or else you would not like surfing on it. Over the top you have an Autoreload option which when enabled, refreshes the browser every time you enter spotlight. To set a custom webpage which you want to load on accessing the browser, enter the same under WebApp URL.


After configuring the tweak, come back to the homescreen and head to the Spotlight page to view your new browser. At the bottom you have three buttons refresh, back and home and over the top you have a greyed strip which is the address bar.


To go to a webpage, just tap on the that grey strip and the keyboard will appear.


This is how the webpage will look like.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Conclusion: The tweak is good but there a couple of features which are not there and disappoint me. Most disappointingly there is no pinch zoom feature.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: Free| Visit Cydia Store To Install This App

[ This App Comes For Android – No]

Similar Apps

Although there are no substitutes for this tweak, there are a number of apps related to Spotlight search which you might be interested in.

  • SLShortcuts – Call number, open webpages, increase/decrease volume, increase/decrease brightness, reboot, respring, power off your device, launch apps and perform many more functions directly from the spotlight search using commands.
  • ClearSpotlight – Clears the search strings after you move away from the spotlight search page
  • ListLauncher – Adds a list of all the applications present on your device, on your Spotlight search page.
  • SpotRemover – This tweak completely removes Spotlight search page. So if you hardly use the spotlight feature you can safely disable it permanently.

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