Reply To SMS Messages Quickly On iPhone When You Are Busy With Busy Bee

Sometimes when you are busy with work or attending a program or engaged in a meeting and your phone rings, you would disconnect the call and in order to inform the person who just called you that you are busy, then go to the messaging app, type the whole message. All this sounds really simple but in reality it is true pain and sometimes less productive.

Busy Bee is an app for iOS or apple devices which could be used to quickly reply to people who call you and unfortunately you can’t entertain them. The app has a very clean interface with a small bee and a couple of buttons.


To activate the app simply tap on the bee and it starts working immediately. Introducing you with the buttons, we have the share button, quick sms button and groups button. When the app is active, and you disconnect a call it immediately opens a pop window from where you can reply instantly.


Very obviously the share button lets you connect and share over facebook, twitter and email as well.


The quick SMS section has the message templates that you can use to inform anybody. Examples include, Thanks for calling I am driving right now, I am in a meeting right now etc


If you don’t find any of the above message templates useful, you can create one as per your requirement by hitting the + button on the right top corner. On the next page you can save the same message into the templates, save the message and can set it as the default one and can also send it for the moment without saving it.


Coming to the last option Groups, here we can add custom groups so that in need we can send them the same message that too instantly. Again here you can set a new template for a particular group by pressing New or can select from the existing templates.


To create a new group just hit the + button on the right and give it a name.


To add contacts to an existing or new group, tap on it and on the next window press the + button. This will take you to the contacts list from where you can do the needful.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4.0 or later

Conclusion: It’s a wonderful app and is really useful at times. I hope you do download it and give it a try

Our Rating: 4 | Price: $0.99 | Visit Apple Store Link To Install Busy Bee – Quick SMS Reply

[ This App Comes For Android – No ]

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