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Resizable Floating Menu, Back & Settings Key For Android

Hardware problems is something we are all aware of and possibly the most worried about too, because the user never knows if the hardware issue will be resolved or not. If the device is covered under warranty and one of the hardware has malfunctioned one can obviously get it replaced or repaired but what if the device is out of warranty ?

The most common problem that I have come across is the malfunctioning of the physical home, back and menu keys present below the screen. If you own a device whose physical buttons have become unresponsive or are broken, we have a working solution for you.

Floating Soft Keys is a free android app that adds a floating bar of four keys – Back, Home, and Menu buttons, to your screen. Although you must be planning to install this app on your device immediately, make sure your device is rooted or else it won’t work.

How To Use Floating Soft Keys

Step 1: Download Floating Soft Keys from Google Play store.

Step 2: Launch the app and configure it as per your requirement. Starting from the top, you can set the size of the buttons in dp, adjust the transparency level, adjust button spacing, and change Home button press action.


You can also use custom icons, make drag icon invisible, enable haptic feedback, and also enable it to start on boot. Once you have selected all the options and set the size of your choice, press the Reload Bar button and you will be good to go then.


Step 3: Now you can use the floating button from any screen possible and in case you want to change the position of the toolbar or resize it, you can tap on the Drag button (rightmost), and position it anywhere you want.



The bar changes its position automatically if it is interfering with the buttons of an app, which sounds quite intelligent. Having said that, the developer could have added features like volume control, or the ability to have more actions for the available floating buttons, and so on.

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