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SAO Launcher Allows You To Launch Apps And Messaging From Anywhere

When we say launchers usually it means an app that will completely replace your stock android launcher. But at the same time, we also have launcher application that work along with conventional replacement launchers. Well if that was difficult to understand, the app that we are going to review today will make things clearer for you.

SAO Launcher is an app that is aimed at making navigation between your apps and settings much quicker than the conventional methods. What is so good about SAO Launcher is that instead of replacing the default launcher, it works along with it and provides all the goodies in conjunction with it. This means that you do not have to compromise your current launcher to use SAO Launcher as they can be used simultaneously.

How To Use SAO Launcher

Step 1: Go to Google Play Store and download SAO Launcher which is available for free.

Step 2: Once installed, launch SAO Launcher from the home screen and a couple of icons will slide in pm am overlay. This constitutes the SAO Launcher which you will use once you configure it as per your needs. Now when you see these icons, you need to tap on the Settings option which is the first icon from the top.

This will open up the settings page from where you can select the triggering points as top corners and sides and even the complete top portion of the screen. Further you also get some app specific options: You can filter contacts, sort contacts for the Contacts app, and also you can do the same for the applications you wish to display in the launcher.


Once configured, you can start using the launcher immediately. To trigger the launcher you have to tap your finger on the triggering locations you had set inside the settings. Do so and the icons will slide in. The first icon from the bottom is the app drawer that will contain the complete list of apps except those that you hid or filtered from the SAO Launcher settings. The next icon from the bottom contains the Map, Phone, and Camera apps.


Going up, the messaging icon enlists all the conversations that are present in your inbox and you can tap open one right from here. The second button from the top is the stock People app and shows all your contacts in a list.



The best thing about SAO Launcher is that it works alongside the stock launcher and therefore makes multitasking much more efficient. On top of that, it works brilliantly and is available for free.

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