BattSaver – Best Cydia App To Save Battery on iPhone [Review]

Battery of an iPhone has always been of a huge concern to the users specially when iPhone 4S was released. On the specifications page, it clearly states that stand up time and the talk time on the network is 66.66% of what iPhone 4 offers.

I am sure that many of you would have tried many apps on App Store and Cydia but they don’t really alter the battery backup and after some time, we delete them. The reason being some of the times, we don’t know that what this application actually doing to increase the battery backup. But today in this post we will talk about a tool named ‘BattSaver’ which claims to double your battery back-up.

After only reading the description you will know that this tool we surely work because it does not have any anonymous operation for increasing the backup. We have mentioned about the tips of increasing your battery backup in this post. Obviously, we have lot more things to focus on apart from following those tips whole day. But this jailbreak tool mentioned above will do this for you.

BattSaver Review

First screen of the tool will appear as mentioned below in the screenshot. There are 4 options which can be seen on this screen. ‘View Graphs’ will show you a graph plotted between time and the Current Capacity.


You can see the graph below, it shows the current capacity is falling with time, so once you will use it will fall with as time proceeds.


Other option is ‘Last Battery State’ which will show you the complete details about the battery, number of times this battery has been charged, maximum capacity of this battery, the present status of current level in the battery, temperature of the phone, info about the charger to which your phone is connected and many more.



Under Settings section, you can see the graphs for the data collected over past weeks or you can change the mode of operation of the tool. Now let us talk about those modes in detail.

  • None Mode, will not do anything to your mobile. Selecting this mode means not allowing this tweak to make any changes to the settings of your phone.
  • Normal Mode, under this mode it will disable the exchange of cellular or any data online, when you will lock your screen. It will keep on activating them on every 15 minutes for receiving emails and notifications from all the applications on your iPhone.
  • Aggressive mode, under this mode it will everything that has been included in the previous mode but with longer gap of 45 minutes and if you have switched on Wi-Fi usage, then it will automatically kill edge and if Wi-Fi is ON but if it is not connected to any hot-stop then Wi-Fi will be disabled by this tool. After the battery backup reached below 15 percent, then it will automatically switch itself to Ultimate mode.
  • Ultimate mode, under this mode the only extra feature it will have is the permanent disabling of the radios and then you will have to enable them on your own.
  • Custom Mode, under this mode you will decide your own plan of saving the battery; you may decide which components of controls should be automatically controlled by this application and which components should be handled manually.

To make sure whether this application is working or not, you can select None as the mode and then watch the graph for few hours, then use any of the suitable mode and then match both graphs. You will definitely see that the graph will become steadier with lesser slope.

Similar Other Applications

  • Battery Booster [$0.99]: This application claims to improve the battery life by just tapping over the battery icon. Once you visit its page, you will see only one screenshot indicating the screen on which you need to tap. It does not explain the way it will do it.
  • Battery Boost: This application will not do anything by itself as it is the collection of useful tricks and tips which you will find everywhere on internet. It claims that once you follow those suggestions, it will improve the battery life in all the aspects.
  • Secret Battery Booster [$0.99]: This application claims to improve the battery life of your iPhone by improvising the level of brightness automatically on your phone. It will change the brightness as different amount of daylight around it and it will create profile to control the brightness.
  • Battery Boost Magic App, Free: Claims to provide full detail about the stats of battery and thus provide you the remaining time for all the activities which can be done from your phone. Its user interface is fully automatic along various tips and methods to increase the battery life.


The jailbreak application mentioned above has stated every logical reason behind improving the battery life and thus there is no doubt in claiming that BattSaver has been the best app among all of these Batter boosting apps.

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: $2.99 | Visit Cydia

By Abhinav Singh

I am an MBA student and a founder member of NXTInsight. I love to keep the track of smartphones, tablets, wearables and other similar gadgets, so that I could help my readers to make the right decision before buying a gagdet.

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