Save Calls Logs On Android Phone On Google Calendar With CallTrack

CallTrack is a really nice app which puts your call logs on your Google Calendar. Whether it is a missed call, dialed call or a received one the app will display all the calls of each day under the very date of the call on the calendar. Google Voice is quite good for call tracking but if you wish to have a more convenient tracking of calls then CallTrack is the best option.


You can install it from the android market after doing so, open it. The interface is extremely simple and easy to use. We have the Enable option at the top followed by Calendar option and then the three types of calls which you wish to enable. One can enable or disable the call tracking feature by checking or unchecking the box at the top. From the calendar section, one can select a Gmail ID which he or she which to use.

Now once you have configured the app, exit the same and attend some calls or dial some to test whether the tracking feature is working or not, which I am sure will be working. So make some calls and then open the calendar app on your Android phone. In the app, on each day which the calls have been tracked for one would see small blue coloured pixels in a column on the right hand side of the cells. This will ensure that calls have tracked as events on these days.


Tap on the date and you will see your call logs including received, missed and dialed calls with their respective durations below them.


For further details you can tap on any call so that a more detailed view is presented.


App Requirements: Compatible with Android devices. Requires android 1.1 and up.

Conclusion: Works brilliantly on any android phone and efficiently does what it has been designed for

Our Rating: 4.5/5 | Price: Free | Visit Android Market Link To Install This App

[ This app comes for iPhone – Yes ]

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