SBSettings Alternative For Non Jail Broken iPhone

Recently we covered a web-based settings shortcut tweak for users who do not want to jailbreak their apple device. The previously reviewed app had a very limited functionality and therefore a better alternative was bound to come.

Icon Project is a brilliant way to customize your home screen with shortcuts of contacts, settings like WI-FI, Bluetooth, Airplane mode etc. The same could also be used to add shortcuts of homepages, SMS and person info as well.

The interface is quite clean and you would not have to worry much while creating an icon for your desired action. On the screen we have a small square section to display your icon and along with it you have 8 buttons on the side. Other than these you have Contacts, Select type and Create buttons at the bottom.


Starting from the left you have the first button with a Sun/brightness icon which can be used to apply gloss effect on the icon. The next button \with a square is for adding frame to your icon and you have plenty of frames to apply.


Definitely you would not like a black icon so with the next button(paint bucket icon) you can add a colour of your choice.


Then we have the T button to add text to the icon. It is not the Label but the text on the icon itself. Press the font button next to done and you can change the position, resize the text as well as change its font. To give it a label you can tap on the small section Display Name present just below the icon preview image.


In case you do not wish to give a colour to your icon and instead want to place a picture there you can press the camera button present on the right and then either add a picture directly from the camera roll or take a fresh picture.

You can also place built-in icons to add appeal to your home screen icon.


One can also add badges to your icon. The folder button on the right contains all the previously contained icons.


Once you have created your icon in terms of design and appeal now its time to add functionality to it. If you want the icon to call a contact, press on Contacts and select a number. In case you want to assign it some other work press select type.

Under Select Type you have many options like assigning Call+SMS , SMS, Mail, URL and Person Info functionalities. You will easily understand how to configure an icon when you play around with the app.


The only tricky part is to add shortcuts to stock iPhone settings sections such as Wi-FI, Bluetooth etc. For such shortcuts you have to select URL under Select Type and then use the following urls:

  • About — prefs:root=General&path=About
  • Accessibility — prefs:root=General&path=ACCESSIBILITY
  • Airplane Mode On — prefs:root=AIRPLANE_MODE
  • Auto-Lock — prefs:root=General&path=AUTOLOCK
  • Brightness — prefs:root=Brightness
  • Bluetooth — prefs:root=General&path=Bluetooth
  • Date & Time — prefs:root=General&path=DATE_AND_TIME
  • FaceTime — prefs:root=FACETIME
  • General — prefs:root=General
  • Keyboard — prefs:root=General&path=Keyboard
  • iCloud — prefs:root=CASTLE
  • iCloud Storage & Backup — prefs:root=CASTLE&path=STORAGE_AND_BACKUP
  • International — prefs:root=General&path=INTERNATIONAL
  • Location Services — prefs:root=LOCATION_SERVICES
  • Music — prefs:root=MUSIC
  • Music Equalizer — prefs:root=MUSIC&path=EQ
  • Music Volume Limit — prefs:root=MUSIC&path=VolumeLimit
  • Network — prefs:root=General&path=Network
  • Nike + iPod — prefs:root=NIKE_PLUS_IPOD
  • Notes — prefs:root=NOTES
  • Notification — prefs:root=NOTIFICATIONS_ID
  • Phone — prefs:root=Phone
  • Photos — prefs:root=Photos
  • Profile — prefs:root=General&path=ManagedConfigurationList
  • Reset — prefs:root=General&path=Reset
  • Safari — prefs:root=Safari
  • Siri — prefs:root=General&path=Assistant
  • Sounds — prefs:root=Sounds
  • Software Update — prefs:root=General&path=SOFTWARE_UPDATE_LINK
  • Store — prefs:root=STORE
  • Twitter — prefs:root=TWITTER
  • Usage — prefs:root=General&path=USAGE
  • VPN — prefs:root=General&path=Network/VPN
  • Wallpaper — prefs:root=Wallpaper
  • Wi-Fi — prefs:root=WIFI

Once you are done adding configuring your icon press create. On doing so you will have the opportunity to save the icon to photo album and even mail it to your friends.


When you press create a page will open up in Safari where you need to press the middle button and then select Add to Home screen and your icon will be created.


A small example of how beautifully you can customize and create icons.


App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.

Conclusion: The most fantastic shortcut app for non-jailbroken devices. Very affordable

Our Rating: 5/5 | Price: $0.99 | Visit Apple Store Link To Install This App

[ This App Comes For Android – No ]

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