Send Feedback or Report Incorrect or Missing Address in Google Maps iOS App

Google map is one of the best address navigation maps and is the most used application. Google map has really tried to provide you almost route with detail route but Sometime while using this application you would have found that some address is not correct or might be some one way was not mentioned correctly or any such bug where the address is not correct.

Now you can notify about any of such bug to google maps so that they can investigate and make the necessary changes. Today we will be helping you send the feedback to google maps and to notify google about any missing or incorrect address.

Step 1. Launch the google map app on your IOS device.

Step 2. Once the google map application is launches just shake your device once and you will get an option “Send feedback” to send the feedback to google maps as highlighted in the below screenshot.


Using this option you can send the feedback for the application or can send the report to google about any missing or incorrect address. Once you click on this option you will see the below screen where you could find the option to Report a mapping issue or to send the applicaiton feednack to google maps.


Step 3. To send the feedback click on the option “Send app feedback” and you will be provided with the below page.


Here you can add the description in the highlighte column and also can Include the system data, screenshot and details about the google account.

How to Report issue related to map in google maps:

When you want to report any issue related to google map you can click on the option “Report a mapping issue” which you got after click on the send feedback option.


In this option you will be provide with options to report issue related to Adress.

Click on Street or road is incorrect if you want to report for any thing from the below list

1.Road has given Wrong name in google maps

2.Road is closed but still showing open in map.

3. If any road is not correctly mentioned as one way or not.

4.Road is private

5.Roas is missing from the map

6. And to report anything ither than this you can go ahead with ”others”


Once you click on any if this option you will be proovided with the Additional info page where you can add the Details abut the query and also can opt to receive the notification when the issue is resolved.


So click on the Forward arrow to ON the notification when you want to get the notification.

Similarly, Click on “Address is incorrect” which you get after clicking on the Send Feedback option.

with this tab you could report for option like

1. Address location marked incorrectly in the map.

2. Address is provided with wrong zip code.

3. Address has wrong city,

4. And for any other adress incorrection can be reported under “Other” tab


There could be occasion when you could have experienced that Google map is having any incorrect data and you would have thought of reporting this to google. So with this option you can easily report the google about every missing or incorrect information. Google is always eager to get your feedback so if you like this application or if you think there is still missing in the application you can send your feedback about this application to Google. Moreover you can also track if the report has been considered and the necessary changes are done or not.

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