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Send Files, Links, Notes, And Lists To Android From PC

Transferring information / data from your personal computer to your android device can be easy or cumbersome depending on the type of information it is. Copying media such as video and music files from your computer to android is an easy task as each type of media has a dedicated folder inside, and all you have to do is connect the device to the computer, select the appropriate transferring option (mass storage device, media sync, etc.), and copy the content over to the corresponding folder.

But what if you want to send a webpage URL, or a file, or a a note, from your computer to your android device? We have a solution for you and we are very use you will like it.

PushBullet comes as a savior here and lets you transfer links, files, notes, and lists quickly from your computer to an android device. So let us get familiar with the steps which are listed below.

Step 1: Get hold of your android device, launch Google Play store, and download PushBullet android app. Sign in on the app using your Gmail account and you are good to go now.

Step 2: PushBullet actually uses its web based client to transfer information. So we recommend that you first head to and sign in with the same Gmail account, and on the next page ensure that you see the name of your android device. Now, to make things simpler, install PushBullet’s  Chrome extension.

Step 3: Now you must see a small PushBullet icon right next to the address bar in Chrome. If you want to send a page URL to your device, open the webpage and then click on the PushBullet extension icon. If you wish to send a note or list instead, you can click on the icon anytime and create a note or list right then and there. Once you are ready with the information, hit the Push It button.

push bullet chrome

Step 4: As immediately as you push it from your web browser, the information will reach your android device as a notification. You can tap on it, and continue consuming the data.


In order to access the history of information sent from your computer to your android device, open the PushBullet app on the device and you can see the list present there.



Using PushBullet is very convenient as the browser extension can be used to quickly send notes, links, and lists. However, using the same extension to send a file to your device is not as easy. One cannot send a file using the extension, and to do so he/she will have to go the PushBullet website, which we feel is the only downside.

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