Copy Photos, Videos and Songs From Whatsapp To PC or Mac [iOS]

iPhone provide many secured feature and one of the security example is you can not send or download a music from whats app i.e if your friend has sent you a song or any music file you can hear it on whats app but you can not save it to your music player in iPhone. But today we will be helping to copy that music from whats App to your laptop or computer so that you can easily copy it to your itune on your Device.

There is an application name ifunbox which could help you to get the media from your device to the laptop or computer. This software has to be installed on your system and once it opens it will get the data from all the application and then you can easily copy it to your iPhone or can use it in your system.

How To Copy File From Whatsapp [File Can Be Song, Video or Photo]

Step 1:

You have to download the software ifunbox in you laptop or computer. You can click here to download ifunbox

Step 2:

Once the .exe is downloaded there is a very simple setup process. Run the .exe and the software will be installed. Once the software is installed just connect your iphone with the system.

The ifunbox will automatically connect with your device. you can see the Following Pop-Up coming while the ifunbox connects to your device.


Step 3:

Open the ifunbox software and go to the tab Managing data:


Step 4:

In the above screen you can see itune file sharing application only. Here by clicking on :Click here to show All you can get all the application available in your device.

Once you click on this button this software will populate all the applications available in your device:


Step 5:

Open Whats app form which you want to copy the music file to your system. Once the whats is open go to [ Whats app ] –> Library –> Media

and you can see the list of all the contact numbers with which you had contact.


Step 6:

Once you open the contact you can see the different folder that are contain sub folder. You can check the date of the folder and this are the dates when you have received the file.


Step 6:

Once you find the media sent to you from that contact and then you can easily copy paste the file to your system


So by following this steps you can easily copy the songs to your system from iphone now.

Similarly you can copy the data from any other application installed in Your device.

Bonus Tip:

You can copy the media from your laptop or computer to the iPhone without using itune now.

Using the ifunbox you can copy the media file to the application directly. Open the application in which you want to copy the data and click on “Copy from PC”


You can click on this option and select the file . Once the copy is completed you can use that media file in application in your device


Many time a friend sends song to you via whats app and an iphone user face a problem to get it copied to your system and then to music player or itune. But now using the ifunbox you don’t need to worry about this. ifunbox solve this problem and you can easily copy the media file from whats app to your system and play it again. This is really easy and can be used as per your requirement.

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