Send Pre-Composed Saved Template SMS Messages From iPhone Using Canned [Paid]

There are many SMS applications for iPhone which do enhance your level of productivity to an extent but the latest one that we have discovered is an amazing one and is extremely helpful in a number of situations. Canned is an SMS application which is based on the concept of pre-composed text messages which could be sent instantly to a single person or a bunch of persons.


The very first screen of the app displays a small message in the middle asking you to compose your first message through the + button provided on the right top hand side. So just tap on it and compose your first message template.


Following the same process again and again I have added four different message templates which could be used in the future.


So this way you can create several templates as per your requirement and frequent use. The next important step is to add the contacts to your message while you are composing it and you can do it while you are creating the template. When you go to a new template a small button in gray is displayed right in the middle on the right. Tapping on it will push the keyboard down and will being the option for adding contacts to your template and those will get permanently associated with that template. This means that whenever you select that template and hit the send button, the message will be delivered to people whom you added initially, despite the number of persons you will add along with them.


In order to send a particular message to a group of people, just open the app, select the template and add the recipients in the To section one by one in a similar way as you do it on your stock message app, by tapping in the TO section on the top and then typing the respective alphabets. Remember that the initially added contacts will


Once you have added all the contacts simply hit the send button and the messages will leave the stable immediately.


Key Features Of The Application Include

  • Precomposed text messages
  • Group text messages
  • Quick responses when you can’t take a call
  • Sending regular text messages easily
  • Complimenting Apple’s built-in Messages app
  • Great design that doesn’t burn your retinas

App Requirements: Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 4 or later.

Conclusion: The application is extremely productive and best to send messages when you are busy and cannot type messages

Our Rating: 4/5 | Price: $0.99 | Visit App Store Link To Install Canned

[ This App Comes For Android – Yes – Android Market Link ]

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